#27: Exercise Series: FREE HAND SQUATS for Powerful Legs

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(Disclaimer: This exercise was taken from Jack Savage site. Enjoy and have a better body in less time than you think.Please consult your physician before you exercise.



One of the most seasoned and slightest utilized activities these days is the weightless profound knee curve. Yet, reliable and general utilization of this activity can bring brilliant results. There are a few illustrations of acclaimed competitors who have utilized this activity only for their fine leg improvement.


The immense Indian wrestler, Gama, "The hardest man in the ring," would do up to 4,000 baithak or free hand squats a day. What's more, he had 30 inch thighs to demonstrate they worked for him Frederick Tilney, previous partner and business accomplice of Charles Atlas, said Atlas would some of the time do 600 squats a day. Mariner Art Thomas, the wrestler, does 300 free hand squats a day in sets of 50 to keep his legs fit as a fiddle. Another wrestler and lifter who utilized weightless squats was Henry Lenz, victor of the Mr. Texas title and the Mr. Muscle Beach recompense.


Lenz never consistently did squats with weights yet would do 500 to 1,000 free hand squats a day in sets of 50. George Jowett, previous weightlifting, gymnastic, and wrestling champion, never supported substantial squats yet suggested the free hand assortment. The free hand squat was likewise a piece of the popular Earle Liederman physical culture course. In doing the free hand squat the shot of harming yourself, which may exist on the off chance that you are taking care of overwhelming weights all the time, is very nearly nonexistent. To be compelling in building quality and continuance with free hand squats you must do what's necessary redundancies, and when you do this your heart and lungs get a workout fundamentally the same to running.


Furthermore, you won't need to gone through your neighborhood in the downpour to do these. After you've done a few arrangements of 50, you will perceive how successful it is.

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