2nd disaster

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In many countries many things are destroyed by the natural disaster. No one stop this damage and no one is able to stop. They come and just gone no sighs no warnings. Many people all around the globe are homeless and die in the natural disaster.


Sometimes the whole city or many cities are the target of these furious and careless disasters. Families, homes, friends and lives are finished.

The wild life is also in danger by the natural disaster. Many animals sacrifice their life and many were hurt in natural disasters. Natural disasters are not caused without reason but they are become dangerous because of many reasons.


There are many types of the natural disasters and many of them are extremely dangerous like floods, tsunami, cyclones, earthquakes, fire in the forests and many more disasters.

These disasters damage the living organisms extremely but they can a good disaster for us is several reasons. The earthquake in the Mexico join it with USA a road is situated between them but it is many times ago.

Many types of disaster can ruined everything like cyclones ruined the homes, trees, cars, busses, schools and take many lives with them. A cyclone is a revolving wind which takes everything with it.

The basic things the disasters in the world are of good or the bad reasons. Which are bad takes lives with it and which are good that makes the things easier to the humans.


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