3-D video facility very soon on Facebook

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According to Facebook's website, there are 1.3 billion people

California: Facebook platform, the company is working on a video facilities, a three-D game in which you will be able to turn around and it's like, spherical Videos '' (spherical videos) is called.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg aumark a conference in San Francisco, said that it will be at least 24 cameras filmed this video you can see different angles, 360 degrees in Facebook News Feed The videos will be added to it would be possible to see all the angles.

Mark Zuckerberg said that based on virtual reality and reality agmyntd videos are the future of the Internet on your screen any scene in which people really would like to see whether there is a possibility of their presence in the hall or Battle of dinosaur models. Zuckerberg's Facebook videos will not need to wear a helmet-like display they will be seen on the screen.

According to its Web site Facebook has 1.3 billion people and at least 3 billion videos a day. Let's see them through the headset is possible to watch videos.

The headset is worn on their faces and wear makes them think that they are really present in the environment.

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