3 INSANELY Useful Tips to Avoid Doctors

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Health is wealth, no doubt about it. But how to keep it forever? How to stay health and ever green? How not to fall prey to various diseases that are so common nowadays. Let me share with you some HEALTHY tips that will benefit you a lot.


A Glass of Water before Eating

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Whenever you are about to do breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure that you drink a glass of water first. It will prevent you from eating full and thus you won't be feeling lazy & unable to work after eating. 


Never drink water/juice or anything after eating anything. Otherwise, you will feel a heavy stomach and it will harm your metabolism process. Wait for at least 2 hours after you have done eating in order to drink something.


When to Eat Properly and When not to?

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You know why do we call it a breakfast? Break fast? Because when we are sleep at night, we stay hungry and thirsty through the whole duration. We are in some state of fasting. So when we eat or drink something after waking up, we call it breakFAST. Alright, let's come to the point now. When you should eat properly and when not? 

In breakfast, you should eat properly because you were hungry for hours and you have a whole day ahead of you. So you must get enough fuel to keep you going througout the day. Thus eat properly in breakfast. 

While in dinner, you should eat as less as possible. Because you have to go to the bed right after eating. Thus for the sake of not putting strain on your metabolism system, you should eat less in dinner time.


Balanced Diet

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I don't know if you have studied chemistry or not, there is a thing called pH scale. Your body has a pH scale too. Less than 7 is acidic while more than 7 falls on the Basic side. However, 7 is a neutral value which is carried by water and salt. 

Same should go for your body, your pH value should neighter be too acidic nor too basic. To achieve that, you should adopt a balanced diet. Instead of eating meat and oily things through out the week, eat somethign green too. Such as vegetables, fruits etc. 


Care is better than Medication

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We humans are not some machine, car or a motor. We should not be relying on engine oils, petrol, air filter aka Medicines. Instead of being reckless regarding your health and then running after doctors later on to prescribe you any medicine, you should be health cautious from the beginning. Just eat healthy and avoid unhealthy food, adopt a healthy routine such as exercising and eating less in your dinner. 


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Final Words

No one will care about your health. Doctors need patients, they have eyes on your wallet not on your health. Start caring about your health because health is EVERYTHING. In the end, I will leave you with a nice quote :)

Take care of your body because it is the ONLY place for you to live in.

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