3 Major Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve More Success in 2019

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Don’t let the year ends without setting your next year’s plan. A few more days and 2018 is about to end. Have we achieved our goal yet? Check this article to get a detailed guide for a more productive 2019.

Success may not come easy. We have to devote quality time in order to learn more and to achieve the success that we are aiming for. Others may achieve success within a short time while some may have to wait for a little longer. It can take a few months for some while others may take several years. For my friend ArtBytes, he achieved success with Bitlanders within a short period. Find his story HERE.

Don’t despair if you are not seeing results after a few tries. There may be some reasons why you are not getting what you want. Perhaps you need to exert more effort, or you may have done something that is detrimental to your overall activities. Remember, big goals require more effort, it can’t be achieved overnight.



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Perhaps we asked this question everytime we experienced defeat. We might be wondering at which part of the journey we fell short of. What have we done wrong? Or what have we failed to do?

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently

Henry Ford

I am aware that most of us are dreaming of achieving our goals. Though there may be times when we ended up failing due to some factors which we oftentimes misconstrued as of less importance.

Here are some of the common things we missed and what should we do in order to ensure the achievement of our success in the coming years.



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Not knowing where we exactly want to go is one of the most common blunders of an individual who is aiming to achieve success in their chosen field. It is not enough that we dream of achieving success. We should set a clear definition of what we considered a success for us.




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We might have already come across this SMART Criteria before. But have we really implement this? There has been a lot of definitions and explanations circulating around the web as to what SMART goals should be. But in reality, we only have to follow some simple rules.


We should know exactly what we want. We need to have a well-defined goal. We need to be specific and make sure that all our actions would lead to that direction.

Telling yourself that you want to be successful might not be enough. At what specific field you want to be successful?

Let’s state it this way, I want to be a successful fiction writer having to write 20 books in the next five years. Or probably, I want to earn $5,000 per month from blogging. Knowing exactly what you want will help you set direction and will help you to be on that specified place at a given time.


We can tell by the word that we need to have quantifiable data. We need to have an exact measurement, amount, time, and impact among others.


Our goals should be attainable. It can be ambitious but we know that doing our best will lead to the achievement of the goal.

When I started exploring the online field of working, I knew that there is a possibility of earning some amount from this source. I was aware that companies set a fund for advertisement. They are spending a considerable amount to introduce their product to the consumers. So, even if my goal seems impossible to some, I have a strong belief that I am on the right track.

Though I don’t know exactly what to do, I slowly learned the things I need in order to achieve success in this field.


Is your goal in line with your belief, knowledge, skill, and abilities? Why do you need want to achieve this goal?

If you are looking for an online work, it is important to make a clear objective why you are doing this. You can probably say, you want freedom or you want to have more time for your family. Our purpose will serve as our motivation. We continuously search for ways because we have a purpose.


When do you expect to reach the goal?

Setting a time is another important factor to consider in achieving a goal. We need to set a time frame. This will help us in keeping track of our actions. Working too long may means not achieving at all. With this being said, we need to implement time management strategies in order to achieve our goals on the given time.



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Never underestimate the power of having a clear and comprehensive plan. Planning is crucial in order to achieve success. This will help us to be more organized with our tasks. The plan serves as a guide that will lead us in the right direction. 



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Let us accept the fact that we cannot do all the things we need on our own. We need other people. Collaboration is an important factor if we truly want to succeed


Time has already passed. The year is soon to end and another year is about to come. Apparently, we could no longer retrieve the time that already passed. But the good thing is, we learn something new which we can use to improve our selves. 

Here are the things we need to do before crafting the plan for the coming year. 



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One thing that will help us in knowing our overall performance is to have ourselves evaluated. This will help you see which aspect you are doing good and which area you need to improve and give more attention. You can have a monthly, quarterly and annual evaluation of your performance.

Here are some areas to consider:



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How much money did you make? Know which month give you the most. Analyze the situation where you got the most earnings and most especially those times when you get the least. Make a comparative assessment.



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How much time did you allocate in the completion of the project or task? Will adding more time will give you more?

Strategies Involved


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What strategies did you adopt? Do the strategies increase your productivity? What could have you done otherwise?

After conducting an evaluation, we can now proceed with the crafting of our comprehensive plan for the coming year. 

Here is another video showing 10 habits before 2019. Enjoy watching!

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On the final thought:

We might have different goals and we have our own ways of achieving those. Some ways may help us while some may not. Nonetheless, we need to continue working for the realization of our dreams. Let's plan it right for 2019.

Thank you for reading!


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