3rd Published Book: Kingdom of Harmony - by, Cobalt Foxx

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Kingdom of Harmony - Gaby & Sammy Meet

By, Cobalt Foxx

E-book: $1.00 (FREE with Softback)

Softback: $9.95


Gaby is a uniquely beautiful, friendly, smart, curious cat. Every night Gaby loves to play outside of her house. One night Gaby finds a portal that takes her to a magical land called the Kingdom of Harmony. The first creature Gaby meets is Sammy who is a curious sea serpent who loves nothing more than going on adventures and meeting new creatures. Gaby and Sammy go on an amazing adventure together in which they meet friendly dragons and wizards, and fight evil creatures determined to destroy all life...

Author Note:

The concept for this storyline originated with two short stories I wrote many years ago called Gaby Forgot to Remember, and Sammy the Sea Snake. I thought each story was just decent, nothing special. I provided the stories as free e-books to anyone that wished to read the books. I kept hearing a barrage of comments from everyone that read the books saying the books were great, and everyone was confused why I didn’t publish the books. I then received a publishing contract offer for Sammy the Sea Snake from Tate Publishing, but I gave the contract to my friend. The story Sammy the Sea Snake was incomplete, and I will never publish a book until I complete the book. One day I drove my sister and her cat (Sammy) to the vet. I waited in the car as my sister went inside. Behind the vet building I saw a large oak tree that was so massive the twisted branches were stretching great distances just above the ground. I imagined a small lake under the tree that was a time-warp portal (yes, my natural brain state is strange - I have a child-hearted animation machine for a brain). I imagined a cat walking along the branches of the tree and falling into the water transporting to another realm. I suddenly thought of Gaby and Sammy meeting, the creative floodgates in my mind opened, and Kingdom of Harmony flooded my brain. The creation of this book led to the first part being completely different from the rest of the book. I enjoy the drastic story style change from the first part to the rest of the book...

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