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We've all been there stuck in a rut, out of ideas to write. What can we do to get unstuck?

Personally, the question is, do you have the time and energy to blog? You must know that blogging and creating content articles can take hours especially when you research for appropriate online articles, pictures and videos to use and link to. 

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A few days ago, I didn't feel like writing any blogs so I thought maybe I'd drop by over to another site and "talk" to some people. I went back to one of my preferred online earning and writing site, myLot, and posted a discussion.  It's been five months since I logged in on the site because of work, so I just felt I should visit again since I have more time now.

After going around my myLot friends' discussions I suddenly got all sorts of ideas for blogs that I didn't know which topic to finish. Lol. I have several unfinished drafts waiting to be written. Doing this really got me unstuck so I'll make it tip # 1.


1. Ask and Answer Questions Online.

Be curious and eager to know about things you are unfamiliar with. If you have something in mind and are unsure who to ask, ask the internet! Or better yet, ask the people on the internet. Lots of people are online all the time. Go to forums, post question and look for questions to answer. 

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Do you remember Yahoo! Answers? That was a craze back when it was new. Lots of people went ahead and asked questions and got answers but of course they didn't earn anything as opposed to myLot. Lol. Nevermind, there's still the option to get a Best Answer out of everyone's responses. Good ol' Dopamine never hurt anyone, right? :P 

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Anyway, there are a lot of online forums and discussion sites, like reddit, where you can find answers  or conversation about the same questions you might have. These won't distract you too much from chatting directly with anyone, therefore making you free to check several different sites one after the other. 


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If you can ask and answer questions for an hour or two you should have gone through lots of topics already. One topic can easily take you to another one and to the next everytime you find out something new. This should keep you on your toes for awhile.


2. Check your smartphone for pictures/videos.  


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Okay so I know you have also have a smartphone and you take pictures/videos of anything you fancy whenever you go out. Why not check and see all that stuff in your phone to jog your memory and bring up something you can write about (if you haven't written about it yet).

What food did you eat last month and where did you go last year? Also maybe you got together with some friends the other day or had an activity last summer, you can write about all of that if you want. Or let's say you have a silly selfie you uploaded somewhere... you can tell us how people reacted to it etc. Haha, I kid.

Kidding aside, if you're like me who have tons of photos stored in the phone from a year or two ago (agh, it was all in my stolen phone!!!) then you might be able to come up with a new blog as soon as you see old photos/videos you already forgot about. 


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Don't forget those recorded videos of the places you went to and the events you attended because those are definitely additional topics you can write about too. Perhaps once you're done writing about the stuff in your phone, you can finally delete everything and free up some memory. Lol.



3. Read, watch, listen.



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So maybe you are not much into taking pictures or videos using your phone, what else can you do? If you're not interested to blog about pictures or videos you took, you can always go online and look for anything that interests you. Maybe go to your friend's Facebook profile, stalk your crush's Twitter account and so on and so forth. I bet you would be able to think of a topic at that point. 

Or, go to YouTube and check the trending videos. Choose a music playlist to listen to and watch them. Some songs have interesting music videos, sometimes totally unrelated or whatever.

Try watching a movie or TV series and write a review afterwards. While researching, watch some related but unrelated videos on YouTube. Something like this vid below maybe to have a bit of a laugh. :D 

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I bet you can write something out of everything you read, watch and listen to so this should be done from time to time.



4. Relax at Home or Interact Offline, Go Out and See the World.


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If all else fails just don't force it. Maybe you should relax your mind and do some meditation so your brain will get refreshed and bursting with ideas again.

Sometimes when you don't feel like writing anything, it may be because you're tired and you just need to relax or have some fun. Do something you love and such. Go to the beach or go outside every once in awhile. Or maybe you should visit a friend or a relative somewhere out there so you can have a new topic to write about afterwards. 

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Everyday can be a new adventure so don't just keep yourself at home. Find the time to go out as well. If you're at work well then find time to talk to officemates you don't normally talk to and see what they're doing, you might find something new to blog about.



After doing all of the above we should all have lots of  ideas to write about.
C'mon, let's keep writing and earning! Woohooo!



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