5 Best Eye Makeup Tips for Teens

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As a girl entering your teen years, you experience numerous changes in your body. You begin to develop breasts and womanly curves and your menstrual cycle commences. You may also notice that you receive appreciative glances when you walk down the street. It is obvious that you are not a little girl any more, and you may want to look as grown up as possible. This is understandable, and your teenage years are the ideal time to experiment with new looks. Following these ten eye makeup tips will allow you to express your growing maturity without sacrificing your fresh-faced youthfulness.

1. Less is Often More

Many teenage girls pile on three or four shades of eye shadow along with thick eyeliner and multiple coats of mascara. Unless you are performing as a backup singer for Rihanna or Katy Perry, that much eye makeup is too much. You can call plenty of attention to your eyes with one or two shades of eye shadow and a single coat of mascara.

2. Don’t Share

You may have a BFF with whom you share everything. However, sharing eye makeup is an invitation to contracting an eye infection. If you have discovered a great shade of eye shadow that you simply must share with your bestie, plan a trip together to your local department store or drug store where she can purchase her own eye shadow.

3. It’s Not too Early for Eyebrow shapping

According to the old saying, your eyes are the windows to your soul. Proper eyebrow shaping can produce amazing results. Your eyes look more vibrant and your entire face opens up. It’s worth saving your allowance or earnings from a part-time job to schedule an appointment with an eyebrow specialist. They can create the best eyebrow shape which you can follow at home with tweezing or waxing.

4. Save Eyeliner for Special Occasions

Especially for younger teens, eyeliner does not add maturity – it is simply too harsh. Older teens over the age of fifteen or sixteen may consider eyeliner for prom or some other special occasion. Even then, avoid drawing a line that is too thick. You should also avoid lining your lower eyelids because doing so often makes your eyes look smaller.

5. Go Ahead and Go Bright with Eye Color

Electric blue eye shadow? Vivid green mascara? Go for it! Your teen years are the ideal time to try out wild color combinations. You might want to go a bit easy during daytime hours, but even then, there is no need to stick to mousy shades. In addition, when you are hanging out during the evening with your girlfriends, go ahead and go bold.



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