5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Are Booked Horribly Wrong

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"5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Are Booked Horribly Wrong"

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If you are into professional wrestling then you might have heard of the names which I am going to mention on this list. There is no doubt that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the biggest professional wrestling promotion on this planet. But, there is also no doubt that WWE is wasting their talents by booking them wrong. WWE Universe nowadays has jumped ships from WWE to NJPW, Ring of Honor, TNA and other promotions. They have switched to these professional wrestling promotions because they can`t stand with WWE`s horrible bookings and bad storylines. Recently on WWE Backlash, WWE universe left the show before the main event. And everyone knows why they left the show during the ongoing show. The final showdown was between Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe. WWE`s continuous booking of Roman Reigns as the guy, as the face of the company, makes all the fans irritated. Twitter is flooded with hashtags cancel Roman Reigns, cancel WWE Network, cancel Vince Mcmahon and with many more negative things about the company. If they don`t start booking sensibly in the future then I guess this will be the end of WWE.

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Take an example of Bobby Roode, who has been booked so badly by the WWE bookers. His NXT run was outstanding and his SmackDown run wasn`t bad either. Well, at least he won United Stated Championship on one occasion. But, look at his current run with the Raw. It is so bad and so terrible that it`s killing his legacy. Same goes for Shinsuke Nakamura. He was NXT Champion during his run with the NXT. In SmackDown, he had won Royal Rumble match by lastly eliminating Roman Reigns. But, after winning Royal Rumble, he has been booked terribly wrong. He supposed to be WWE Champion at this time. Rather, WWE bookers made him United States Champion. So, I guess both former NXT Champions are facing the same fate.

With those two mentioning, I would like to start my list about "5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Are Booked Horribly Wrong".

1. Nia Jax
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Before Nia Jax walked into WWE, she was known for brutal strength. The Rock`s cousin did a very fabulous job during her early run with the company. But, from past few months she has been booked terribaly by WWE bookers. At WrestleMania, a babyface Nia defeated a bully Alexa Bliss and later she switched her character into a bully herself. She then go on to face Ronday Rousey and few weeks later, she then again switched to babyface character. If WWE constantly change her character again and again, then she will loose her touch same like the Big Show.

2. Finn Balor
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Finn Balor had a great run in the NXT and he quickly became hottest active wrestler in the company. He became NXT Champion and had big feuds with several other wrestlers. When he arrived at Raw, he received a big push from the company and later he became first ever Universal Champion. But, on the next day he was forced to relinquish the title because of an injury. At this very moment, he lost his momentum and trust from WWE bookers. When he returned into the ring, he was never treated as a big superstar that once he was. Now, he is just another jobber to other big fellow wrestlers.

3. Roman Reignsnxt(Photo credit via wwe.com)

I have already explained above that WWE Universe don`t want Roman Reigns to be the face of every payperview event. I mean WWE is literally burying his character by giving him a continous push for WWE title. The guy is definetly good in the ring and had many great matches throughout his career. But, enough is enough because WWE fans don`t want him to main event every payperview. The guy has already main evented WrestleMania 4 times in a row. And I am sure that WWE will put him on the main event of this year`s WrestleMania as well.

4. Kevin Owens
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One of my favourite professional wrestler, Kevin Owens was once a shining star. When he arrived at NXT and quickly became NXT Champion, he was lovable heel wrestler. WWE Universe were looking forward for his success in the main roster. On his debut in the main roster he defeated John Cena and received a great pop by the WWE Universe. When Finn Balor was forced to relinquish his Universal Title, Kevin Owens saw his opportunity. He became second Universal Champion by pinning Seth Rollins. But, even with all these achivements WWE are now giving him nothing but just poor storylines and make him lose. He was once knew for his anger and fighting nature. But, now he is presented as a coward who runs away from challenges. His name and legacy is definetly going down
every week.

5. Asuka
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Asuka is one of my favourite women`s professional wrestler of all time. She made NXT Women`s Championship relevant during her run with the brand. Basically she was presented as the undefeated Champion who was later forced to vacate her title to switch ships from NXT to Raw. Later she joined Raw and continued to dominate every women. But, things went down when she joined SmackDown. At this year`s WrestleMania, she was defeated by Charlotte Flair via submission. The undefeated women had submitted to a submission hold? LOL. But, we can bear the pain because Charlotte is a worthy opponent. But actually things went down even more when Asuka was beaten by Carmella on 2 different occasions. What a rubbish booking done by WWE bookers. She was once undefeated and now she is beaten up by midcard wrestlers like Carmella? WOW.

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