5 Must Have Strategies to Build a Massive List From Your Blog

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 Here are the five things that can help you build a great list from your blog

There is a simple formula for creating huge email lists. This formula simply states that quality content and strong calls to action will produce, large quality email lists. Many people utilize other areas of marketing like social media, but large email lists are and have always been the keys to success for internet marketing and for the success of any internet venture. An additional component is the call to action. However, the process is not as simple as simply great content and strong calls to action, but these are the most major components. There are approximately five steps that can be taken to guarantee a large acquisition of emails with every endeavor involving this content, but the content is the first priority.

1. Valuable Content

Due to changes in search engine algorithms to reflect the necessity of quality content, this content is the cornerstone for everything any entity hopes to accomplish on the Web.However, the content has to give value to the reader in order to be deemed quality content. Because direct marketing and advertising within content is frowned upon by the most relevant search engines and off-putting to readers, a call to action is one of the few opportunities to inform the people that are consuming the valuable content that is required to be devoid of advertisements of the intent. Without an emphasis on great content that gives added value to the reader by being informative, authoritative and interesting, the internet would be essentially a classified advertisement space.

The calls to action should be strong and done correctly within the valuable content so that the consumer of this content can be converted for the content owner’s purposes like acquiring that particular reader’s email address or selling opportunities. Email is very valuable because people feel that their email address is private and are interested and motivated by the content enough to invest their trust in the endeavor, and this trust makes them highly convertible. They are also actual people that are qualified by the process unlike some of the artificial interest on social media.

2. Blatant and Abundant Calls-to-Action.

This includes the much-maligned popovers, pop-ups, menus and slide-ups. These calls-to-action turn many people off, but the people that do engage these calls-to action are the convertible type offering immediate results while those that do not are probably not susceptible to the marketing anyway. Additionally, those that do leave information at this point have had positive experiences with the call-to-action format, and this is an additional component to their convertibility. Some sites have increased their email list acquisition by 500 percent in 30 days using this format alone.

These opportunities have to be made for the site within the blog’s initial design, and this is especially true for sign-ups. This is not about saturation, but more about strategic placement so that the sign-ups may be seen because of the multiple ways by which people view pages. The placement should present sign-ups on the top and bottom of the posts as well as in popovers, within the content, within bylines and within biographies. Top menu bars, sidebars, and headers are also popular places to locate sign-ups. The readers should determine when there are too many sign-ups, so effective monitoring of negative and positive feedback should be a priority in determining the correct ratio.

3. Readily Available Subscription Links

Links as a component of acquiring a large email list for marketing is necessary because some software features landing pages exclusively dedicated to email list acquisitions. Because these system functions with links, the links can be placed in multiple places on the site as well as in guest blog biographies, email signatures and in messages that are delivered via social media platforms. They can also be had from sites like Aweber, and on Twitter with its Twitter email card.

4. Giveaways, Tried and True

Everyone loves free stuff. This especially true for things with true value, and its impact reaches across target demographics and even business or interest sectors. The process is to basically pay for an email address with the free offering. However, because it is valuable to potential subscribers does not mean that it has to be monetarily valuable to the site owner. Some successful giveaway items include exclusive blog content for email subscribers only as well as earning early access to new features for an email list sign-up. Video, eBooks, cheat sheets and ‘how-to’s’ are also popular giveaways that gain blog owners many email list sign-ups and marketing opportunities that would normally be unavailable without the enticements.

5. The blog’s home page should be an all-out email grab.

One good reason that this grab is sound advice is because much of the traffic that comes to the site will land here. It should be heavily targeted for email list acquiring strategies. Specifically, large, effective sign-up forms should rule this space.

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