5 Reasons Why I am Jealous of Drew Arellano in Biyahe ni Drew

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If I could be jealous of somebody right now, it would be nobody else but Drew Arellano. Yes, and it might be a bit silly of me but I am definitely jealous because hashtag "I LOVE HIS JOB". Funny that what he usually say while traveling and it is definitely true!


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

Drew Arellano is Filipino host, actor, triathlete and a motorcycle enthusiast, married to Iya Villania and if not the best, is one of the best travel hosts in the country. He is well known because of his travel show, Biyahe ni Drew.

Well, what is his job in the first place? If you don't know it then there's just one good reason why - you are not a Filipino. And if you are and you don't know him, then it could be one of the following:

1. You are living in space where Television is not available
2. You have been very busy with work that you don't have any life at all
3. You are simply denying it because you too are jealous of his job too. Bum!

Anyway, I previously don't have a television at home but I am aware that he has an amazing job even before because who wouldn't be? He is just that guy who is so good with hosting and very entertaining to watch.

Check out his job's YouTube channel so you can have an idea as to what kind of job does this person has. Try not to be jealous of the video below:

Video credits: GMA Public Affairs

Batanes! Oh, it's on top of my bucket list but for financial reasons, I still can't go there, not yet. I am just waiting for the right timing to book a ticket.

5 Reasons Why I am Jealous of Drew in Biyahe ni Drew

"Ano? Sama ka sa biyahe ko?"


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

That's what Drew Arellano would say every single segment, each single travel entry. In English: "So, are you coming with me on my trip?"

Here are my own 5 reasons why I am jealous of Drew in Biyahe ni Drew:

1. He can travel within and outside the country


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

Millennials consider traveling as one of the necessities of life now and therefore, having a travel documentation here in the Philippines and abroad is definitely a hit! Freely traveling wherever the management says so is totally a blessing and Drew has that!

Let alone, getting the local viewers a visual taste of how to this new spot looks like and what are the things to consider when going to and from this place have somehow given the audience the gut feeling of also traveling themselves and go find out if Drew is indeed telling the truth!

Video credits: GMA Public Affairs

Reviews on hotel and places he had stayed during his trip are also important so with every weekend, every new place, every country and every province he steps on brings something fresh to the entire country who are waiting for him to uncover the next object on the bucket list.

2. Eat local and unique food in each place he visits

What better way to immerse yourself in the new place than to get your palate into an adventurous ride, right?


Image credits: Biyahe Ni Drew

Guess what? Drew had no problem with that subject. Eating unique food, digging into new recipes and befriending exotic cooking right in front of him is simply a joy to watch.

Mouthwatering dishes and delicacies he seems to find just the right description is also a plus! He is just so good at providing us with the right adjective to what's in his mouth.


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

One episode when he was in Batanes, he mentioned there's party in his mouth when he tried the local Pork Asado in Chermoula Sauce of Fundacion Pacita.

3. He doesn't have to think about the travel budget


Image credits: Biyahe Ni Drew

Drew has not spent any peso or even a centavo to get to the next spot, in fact, he is even paid for it! Oh, how lucky this guy!

I read somewhere that when he was offered for a travel show before, he was very hesitant about it due to the fact that his weekends which he considers as family times would be sacrificed but because he was advised by his friends to take it, he mustered and accepted the job. Now, he has the best travel show in the country and he has never shelled out even a centavo for his travel.


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

Ultimately, he is the most entertaining host for travel show so that's why he deserves this as well.

Since I don't have Drew's hosting skills, I am just gonna be saving to get to my next travel destination.

4. The itinerary is not his problem

In each of his travel destination, he got someone to do the research and itinerary for him. I, on the other hand, does every section of research to make sure that this next adventure is a success.


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

What's so good with Drew Arellano is that he is very true and authentic. He might have reserves especially in terms of reviewing the place right when they step in but of course, he needs to be decent and respectful too. But overall, he has definitely given the audiences a raw and authentic feedback based on his own, no scripts and all from his own perspective.

I could point a lot of positive results because of his show but the best of them all is the fact that he has driven tourism. When he visits a place, by the next few weeks, there would be an influx of tourists visiting that place too. He becomes a guide for the local travelers as well!

5. He has his own photographer and videographer

"Take photos or it never happened."


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

But having both photographer and videographer means a different thing. With having a show like this, documenting every single travel becomes handy, having photos as memoirs of that trip is always given and he has no problem with keeping those memories printed because, in the first place, it is what composes his job.


Image credits: Biyahe ni Drew

Drew Arellano's job doesn't come easy, he has to be entertaining and he has to look and feel good to deliver the same to his audience and he is very good at that. Thanks to his photographers and cameramen whom he also became friends with through his journey.

Imagine a job like Drew's, he surely had traveled the entire Philippines. I wonder if there's a spot he hasn't visited yet? If I would think of one, I guess it might be somewhere in Mindanao but in general, he might have already gone to the majority of the tourist destinations here in the country.

In fact, he is one travel ambassador in the country. He promotes and helps the tourism each specific place he visits.

PS: This is not the kind of jealousy that kills, okay?

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