5 Things that would Most Likely Happen Since you Chose to Break her Heart... AGAIN.

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Actually when girls say that you broke or that you are breaking our hearts, we do not really mean that it was only our hearts that you broke. You wasted our time, made us look like a fool and yes, at times all other parts of the body aches too.

So, being known as fragile, sweet and delicate counterpart of the mighty men, what would most likely happen? 


Let me give you five possible scenarios.

5. Drama Queen Hour

Yes. Most of the time, we cry. And we do not cry like a lady with the little tears and the floral or white hanky. We cry with lots of tears and of course the mucus showing a bit as we speak.Shameful as it is, but we scream and break the first things we see.

We feel like nothing could really stop the pain so why hesitate on showing it to the world and damaging the things around us. Not all girls do this.

But most of the girls do; Cry like a baby, perform like a drama queen.


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4. Friends to the Rescue

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Another scenario is when your goofy but loyal friends come to the rescue. Friends somehow have a special connection to your thoughts. When they feel like you need them, of course they would come running. They could either come with pizza, liquor or both. And two things can then happen. We could either have the best times of our lives and be happy for a while or we could end up drunk, sobbing and then drunk dialing you. Of course waking up dehydrated, feeling worse or sick and ashamed is another story.

3. Me against the world moment



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Now,this is sometimes the hallmark of deep seated depression but it can also mean that she simply wants to breathe and getway from you. But of course, a depressed gal would most likely stay away from the thing that makes her sad. Take note though that most of the time, being alone means crying alone (number 5) too.

She could be doing number five while being alone in her room as she is watching the latest action/hero movie released by Marvel.She could even cry while watching aq supposedly funny noontime show. Or she could be eating and chewing and eating again while reading her favorite John Green novel. Of course, she could be doing number five too.Lastly, she could be simply staring at the ceiling feeling everything and nothing all at the same time. 


She won't answer your calls or anyone else's. She feels dissociated. Like no one can really understand anyway. And this is just sad, right?

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2. Shopaholic Alert

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This is really an alert since this would later cause regret, more tears and unexpected weekend poverty.



Going back, your girl would first decide to fix her hair. Color her black bun to blonde and cut it to the latest bob trend instead. Then paint her nails pussy red after a self idulging foot spa. She would then decide on buying new accessories, clothes, shoes and bags that would come with the look. Of course, she would go hungry and eat somewhere nice. Finally, a movie ticket to close the long day.

Then tadaaaa! 0.00 balance. 


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1. "Oh I am Finally OKAY" part


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Now, this is the scary part for most of the boys. 


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There would come a time that because it had been happening over and over again, she would just decide to let it go. And believe me when she decides to do so, most of the time there won't be looking back.

She could be doing everything else above and then come to this choice. Remember your favorite boxer shorts. You loved it so much and you wore it most of the time. But of course, even the best things when used too much wears out. So when you keep on hurting or choosing to hurt her you gotta think twice. The heart of a woman is big. It is very accomodating. But she is a human. She isn't God who would keep on forgiving you, though you broke her a lot of times already. She is a mere human with limits.


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She on this part may start ignoring your calls but does not really feel bad about it. She sees life on a different light. And she realizes that maybe you are not that worthy after all. She will start being happy without you. Go to the movies alone and still feel satisfied. Go the gym for herself not to be pretty for you. She will be her own source of strength. And i doubt where would that leave you.


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But then again another thought, girls must realize that love isn't all about fairy dust, butterflies and magic. We won't be smiling and laughing all the time. Believe me, there would be times when you will feel like you wanna kill the other for real. But of course, you won't do such. 

The thing is, love would really cause you much pain. No matter how perfect you think a relationship is, you would still be a drama queen sometimes. It is on how you stand up. It is how you commit. If it makes you happy enough to forget the pain. If you still are sure that you are loved. Go! After all, only you can possibly save yourself. Only you can choose who is worth the pain.

And to you Boys, make your woman or girl happy. You may hurt her without you knowing it. But be sure to back it up. You will never understand how she feels but love her anyway.same.



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