5 Ways to be more creative and think differently

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1. Start with a new activity

Starting with something new forces the brain to activate and develop new areas. This needs to connect to existing areas in your brain and therefore gives you new ways of thinking.

Examples on new activities can be a new language, sport, yoga, instrument or simply something different that you're not used to.


2. Do things different than usual

If you want to get out of your old thinking habits and come up with new ideas, do something as simple as changing your daily routine could lead to creative ideas.


3. Take your time

When we are stressed we rarely come up with innovative ideas. Therefore, make sure that relax and shut off things that distract you. If you can't come up with a new idea don't stress yourself over it, just remember that it usually takes time.


4. Take advantage of your most creative time

When are you most creative? Many people are more creative when they are out taking a walk, showering or cleaning. Make sure to take advantage of your environment and activities that makes you thing outside the box. Some researchers are saying that we are more creative during different times of the day. A theory is that morning people are more creative during the evening, and the opposite for evening people. That is because you're less focused which makes it easier to find a connection to unrelated ideas, which can be described as thinking outside the box.


5. Change perspective

A classic way of thinking of unique ideas is to change focus. Imagine you were someone else, how would you resolve the problem? You can also take help from people in your surrounding, how does a person from another generation look at it? Can their thoughts give you inspiration? 

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