5 World Champions Of WWE Who Didn’t Fit Vince McMahon’s Ideology

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5 World Champions Of WWE Who Didn’t Fit Vince McMahon’s Ideology

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Vince Mcmahon, the chairman of WWE has a really strange taste for professional wrestling. According to the man, a wrestler should always be a powerhouse with big sweaty muscles, should be tall, a good looking and should not be a black. Let`s take an example of Hulk Hogan. The man who made WWE famous and made such a big professional wrestling company. Hogan got all the aspects that Vince always wanted for his championship material. He made Hogan the face for WWE during 1980s-1990s. He is now doing the same thing with Roman Reigns. The guy is receiving continuous championship pushes by Vince Mcmahon. Even though Roman is getting boos from WWE Universe, Vince is still in love with big Roman Reigns. But, today in this blog, I will tell you about "5 World Champions Of WWE Who Didn’t Fit Vince McMahon’s Ideology".

1. Daniel Bryan
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Daniel Bryan is surprisingly a 3 time WWE World Champion. Surprisingly because when Daniel Bryan came to WWE, no one ever thought that he will become a huge star in this company. All credits go to WWE Universe because for Vince Mcmahon he was never a championship material. Bryan is 1.73 m tall and is 95 kg, which automatically rejects him to become Vince`s guy. But, in spite of all these, WWE Universe cheered for Bryan and made him successful more than any WWE star in recent years. When WWE booked him for his first WWE Championship reign, he was booked as a joke at WrestleMania. He lost his title to Sheamus in just 17 seconds. The same thing happened when he defeated John Cena for his second championship. But, in a few minutes, he lost his title to Randy Orton who was Money in the Bank briefcase holder during that time.

He was not even in the title picture of WrestleMania XXX. WWE Universe was so mad about that year`s championship match between Randy Orton vs Batista. They started using hashtags like CancelWWENetwork and CancelWWE all over Twitter which made WWE add Daniel Bryan to the title match.

2. Mankind
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Long before in Attitude Era, Mick Foley aka Mankind became famous because of his hardcore matches. He is a 3 time WWE Champion and multi secondary title holder as well. But, unfortunately, he was never booked like other big wrestlers like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, etc. Vince Mcmahon never liked Mick Foley as the face for WWE. Mick was overweighted, billed around 130.2 kg during late 1990`s and is 1.88 m. So, you can guess why he was never treated well by the company. But, whether Vince like it or not Mick helped WWE to win a TV rating war against rival company WCW. Mick was so popular among WWE Universe during attitude era which forced Vince to book him a world champion. It`s a shame that Mick was later forced to retire before his right age and time because of injuries.

3. Christian
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Christian was always mistreated by the WWE bookers. On one point, Vince Mcmahon had an idea where Christian`s face supposed to be covered with a blue dot. Seriously that was his idea to bury the talented Christian on the weekly TV show. Of course, he is a small guy with a height 1.88 m and weight 96 kg. WWE bookers continued to mistreat Christian during his World Champion reign. When finally Christian became World Heavyweight Champion, he was booked to lose the title to Randy Orton within a week. His reign lasted just 6 days. WOW.

4. Cm Punk
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Cm Punk is a 5 time WWE Champion and was one of the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern wrestling days. He is the only professional wrestler to win 2 time WWE Money in the Bank briefcase back to back. All these accomplishments achieved by Punk and yet he was never able to become Vince Mcmahon`s guy.  Cm Punk is another average guy with height 1.88 m and weight 86 kg. Maybe that`s why Vince never saw him as the face of the WWE. Even Cm Punk told in his many interviews that WWE treated him wrong in the ring as well as outside. WWE even sent him the termination letter on his wedding day. That might give you a little example.

5. Rey Mysterio
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This one hurts because this mistreated plot is built on a dead man`s legacy. When Eddie Guerrero passed away, WWE just gave WWE World Heavyweight Champion to Rey Mysterio on a silver platter to gain sympathy from WWE Universe. Before Eddie`s death, Mysterio was never sawed as a WWE material
by Vince Mcmahon. And even after his victory at WrestleMania, WWE never saw his capabilities. He was weekly pinned by other wrestlers, beaten up by The Great Khali and after all this, he was buried by WWE bookers. Even his WWE Championship reign was funny. And why not? he is a small dude with height 1.68 m and weight 79 kg. When he finally won WWE Championship, he was put in a match against John Cena on the same night. What could you expect from WWE booking?

So, guys, this was the list. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog on professional wrestling. I will catch you soon with another blog. Meanwhile, don`t forget to check my other recent blogs -

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