6 Facts of The Jungle Book Movie That You Need to Know

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April is likely to present a wide range of interesting films that unfortunately if you miss, one of them is certainly the film The Jungle Book. Film by Jon Favreau tells Mowgli Orphan boy who lives in the jungle. He was raised by a panther named Bagheera and Rakcha the mother wolf. Mowgli faced with indecosion, whether he should stay in the jungle and live with other wildlife or back to live with humans.

Film The Jungle Book (2016) is a film that adapts to 4 Disney's classic story Ruyard Kipling. Previous Disney has made the animated film The Jungle Book (1967), The live-action Jungle Book (1994) and The Jungle Book (2003). Now is a good idea before watching the latest film, you know some facts first film The Jungle Book Disney ever created.

Here biters (Arjun-Megantara-Gants) from Bitlanders will summarizes 6 the interesting facts from the film version of The Jungle Book in 1967 you need to know!!

1.Walt Disney Assume Scenario Version One Too Dark

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At first, the scenario writer Bill Peet provide the first version to be used as the film, but Disney assess the scenario too dark for an animated film. Walt Disney wanted a movie that is filled with laughter and jokes, so that a new team was formed which then rewrite the screenplay.

2.His music was Initially Very Dark

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In addition to the scenario, music and soundtrack that will be presented in the first film The Jungle Book is also considered too dark for the audience. Composer Terry Gilkyson were originally designated to write songs in the film, was forced to be replaced by Richard and Roberts. The two brothers also make music more cheerful than the initial version.

3. This movie is an animation Recently Created by Walt Disney

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Film The Jungle Book 1967 is the last film made by Walt Disney. Founder Walt Disney production have died a year before the movie The Jungle Book was released. Walt Disney's own death caused by lung tumors that have been chronic.

4. Walt Disney Party Could Bring The Beatles Join

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Fact next film The Jungle Book, turns 2 The Jungle Book musical composer Richard and Robert have made a song which will be sung by the band The Beatles. But unfortunately, the Beatles refused to join the Disney movie plots. 

5. There's An Error Pronunciation

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According to a story created by Rudyard Kipling, Mowgli's character should be pronounced Moe-Glee Mowglee not like now. Moreover, Kaa the snake should be Kar. Then Balo said the bear Barloo.

6. Verna Felton Starting and Ending a career as a Voice Elephant

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The Jungle Book last fact associated with one voice Verna Felton. Actress Vernal Felton is a dubber who previously had experienced enough for the voice of several characters in Disney films such as the fairy godmother in the film Cinderela, queen in the movie Alice in Wonderland and Flora, Sleeping Beauty. Verna Felton started his career as a voice actor in the movie Dumbo elephants and unique ending his career when the voice of Winifred the Elephant in the movie The Jungle Book. Verna Felton died the day before the death of Walt Disney.

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