6 Steps to Increasing Your Chances of Becoming a Paid Blogger

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Good afternoon Film Annex-ers.


I've got my 7/11 coffee (hey 7/11 you should sponsor me) and fresh donuts on one side of me, and my laptop on the other. I'm such a writer and a fat kid.

But it wasn't always like this. I used to wonder how anyone could After having the unfortunate opportunity of enduring many painstaking hours of writing for indecisive clients, I finally found a comfortable place for me to enjoy writing for a living again.

Here at Film Annex to be more precise. The online platform that promotes and earns you money for your filmmaking and writing skills.

For more than a year now, I have been a paid guest writer for Film Annex thanks to my Buzz Score (for more info as to how Buzz Score works watch the video below).

Besides finding a haven for my writing through my personal blogs, I have now also become a writer who is paid to write blogs on topics that matter most to me. 

So, how was I able to get a paid writing? 

Well, my dear Film Annex-er, I have a few helpful steps for you in order for you to get an awesome paid writing job like me.

Step 1: Be willing to write.

There's nothing wrong with being easy-going and laid-back. Just don't be lazy. No one wants to hire or re-hire a lazy person.

Step 2: Be willing to receive gratitude for your work as well as receive constructive criticism and troll comments.

This isn't the school playground, kids. This is the internet. Your blog posts will be seen my tens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. Some readers will like your work, some readers will hate your work, and some people are so bored that they will leave spam or demeaning comments on your blog posts.

Step 3: Know what you want to write and who you want to write for.

Don't enjoy writing news topics? No problem! Google search the topic(s) you want to write about, along with the terms "magazines" or "newspapers"attached to find a good place for you to submit your topics to.

Step 4: Be a part of the internet community.

Sharing is caring. And so is commenting. Watch, read, and listen to blog posts from your fellow bloggers, as well as sharing what you like and commenting what you feel. The internet is all about communication. Bloggers like receiving comments, which in turn makes them want to look at your blog posts and comment back.

Step 5: Know your self-worth.

When striving to get noticed for your blogging, promoting yourself is the easy part. But convincing someone you're worth more than $1 a post is the challenge. When I first starting blogging, I saw all these independent writers striving to bag the $0.02/word jobs on job boards and thought,"Man, this is hard." But then I realized that $0.02/word was nothing. It's less than nothing. I found out now-popular bloggers were making more than $200/post two years into their freelancing. Of course, their posts are more in demand since they are in a specific niche. Know how much you are willing to write and for the price you want to write for before applying for a paid writing gig.

P.S. You can receive college credit too!

Step 6: Practice, practice, practice. No one is born a great writing. We all have to work at it. Practice writing blog posts and drafts before writing your big posts (the ones you want to get the most attention for your work or a cause).

Ready, set, go! Start raising your blog writing hiring potential with these steps! 

You could be sipping on some 7/11 coffee (seriously 7/11, sponsor me) and writing for a living like me soon enough!


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