6 Tips Every Film Director Should Know

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Filmmaking is a tough process. You can shoot a lot of takes, before you'll understand that the scene is done. In fact, in order to determine whether you done with the scene and proceed to the next shoot, the director should review six following questions:

1. Do you like the take?

Are you happy with all basic elements? camera movement, lighting, props, costumes, makeup and of course don't forget about acting!

2. Is your team are happy with the result?

The Director of photography,sound guy, actors - all crew must be satisfied with their work.

3. Weigh pros and cons

Balance the wishes of the crew and your idea of how the work must be done. It is better to fix something on set than to hope for post-production.

4. Look ahead

Before your team begins to prepare to shoot the next take, check out what else to shoot at this location, or in this day and, if necessary, start changing. You'll save a lot of time.

5. Reality Check

Estimate your productivity. You have to stick a certain schedule, to fit the budget.

6. Follow the rule of 10 seconds

All of the above decisions must be taken within 10 seconds after you said "Cut!" After much consideration, You and your team lose focus and spirit.

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