7 Reasons to Eat Pineapple Every Day

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Pineapple is a juicy, delicious and healthy fruit and there are many great reasons to consume it every day. One of the best things about pineapple is that it’s available in the grocery stores all year round, though the peak season for it runs from March to July. Since pineapple is easy to prepare, you can enjoy it with little effort daily or weekly. Check out seven reasons why you should include pineapple in your daily eating plan.

1. Versatile
There are many things to do with pineapple. You can chop it and mix with jalapenos and avocado for a tasty garnish that brings out the flavor in fish or chicken. I like combining chunks of pineapple with mango pieces, orange segments and kiwi slices for a wonderful tropical fruit salad. Give it a try, and it will be your favorite fruit salad all the year round.

2. Great taste
One of the best reasons to eat pineapple every day is because of its great taste. Pineapples are naturally sweet, juicy and incredibly tasty. You can eat them raw or cook with it. I usually add pineapple to my smoothies, salsa, Greek yogurt and fruit salads. If you can’t eat fresh pineapple, using it in your smoothies will be the best option for you.

3. Rich in antioxidants
We know that antioxidants are found in most vegetables and fruits, including pineapple. It’s essential to get enough antioxidants regularly since they combat free radical damage that plays a big role in heart disease and cancer. Free radicals come from an environmental toxins and poor, unhealthy diet so we cannot completely avoid them. However, adding pineapple to your eating plan will give you a bit of insurance.

4. High in Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for our immune system health and pineapple is packed with this vitamin. Getting enough Vitamin C on a daily basis will help you bypass that cold most people have right now. A one-cup serving of pineapple provides you with all the vitamin C you need for the whole day.

5. Low in calories
Fresh pineapple is really low in calories. One cup has less than 100 calories. Although pineapple is super sweet, you can include it in your healthy diet and don’t worry about weight gain. Sticking to a diet plan low in calories is one of the best ways to keep weight gain under control, so eating something that tastes good and contains fewer calories and less fat is just wonderful. Have pineapple with your lunch or eat it as a snack and keep your weight under control.

6. You can cook with pineapple
While pineapple is incredibly delicious raw, you can also cook with it. You can combine pineapple chunks with red bell pepper and chicken breasts in the slow cooker for a tasty sweet and sour chicken recipe. I like cooking chicken with teriyaki sauce and pineapple juice, shredding it up and serving it on buns for a Hawaiian dinner that my family always enjoys. For a delicious dessert, slice pineapple and grill it with honey.

7. Pineapple is easy to peel
Unfortunately, many people don’t buy pineapples because they think it’s difficult to prepare. But they actually aren’t. Just cut off ends of the pineapple, stand it up and slice the peel from top to bottom using a sharp knife. Then, cut the pineapple into 4 chunks, slice the core and cut it in bite-size pieces. Use them for your meals and if you have the leftovers, keep them in the fridge.

Pineapple has a lot of amazing health benefits and if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you should certainly include this fruit in your eating plan. How often do you eat pineapple? What’s your favorite way to enjoy pineapple?

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