7 Reasons You Should Hire an Interior Designer in Los Angeles

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When it comes to our homes, we always want the best and the most beautiful, especially when it comes to our home interiors. Even if you’ve already spent a lot on your home or home accessories or if you’re starting from scratch, an interior designer can help showcase a look that resonates with your style. Here are the top 7 reason why you need an interior designer.


1.Money Saving


It seems counter intuitive but hiring an interior designer actually saves money, especially with the high priced real estate in Los Angeles.An interior designer helps you choose furnishings that you will love and use for years to come. You don’t run the risk of purchasing items that you think you love but replace every year because they just don’t feel right in your space. Another money saving reality: if you’re considering selling your home in the future, a well designed interior will increase chances of seeing a strong return on your investment.


2.Professional Assessment


An interior designer will work with you to discover the style that you love and make it practical for everyday living. If you’ve ever tried to design a room by yourself, you know how challenging and expensive creating a cohesive design can be and how priceless a professional is. Where can you find these professionals? Well, some of the best in the world live in Southern California so if you live in Bel Air, you’ll probably want Bel Air interior design and if you live in Beverly Hills you’ll probably want a beverly hills interior design; but the truth is that wherever you live, you can find an interior designer that will suit your needs, big or small. Just be sure to ask to see a portfolio or even ask for a tour of a recently completed job.


3.Budget and Planning


Most people think that hiring an interior designer is expensive, but there are budget friendly options out there that can result in very beautiful homes.Interior designers can come up with fantastic layouts and designs for your home, even help pick out the furniture and plan with you during construction, but they don’t have to. Many companies offer planning but don’t do any of the physical labor and other might just help you pick out the furniture but not do the layout.Los Angeles interior designers work in one of the most competitive markets so you often have the option to get help where you need it instead of the often expensive full package.


4.Displaying Art


If you do have the budget and are thinking of moving to Beverly Hills or anywhere in the Los Angeles area, luxury interior design los angeles never ceases to amaze even the best critics. Along with beautiful home design, Los Angeles has a world class art industry. A professional designer will help you find the best spot on the wall, the best angles for lighting and the safest place for your one of a kind art pieces. An interior designer can build your room décor around your favorite art piece or make your favorite painting work.




Interior designers have relationships within the design industry that can help get reduced pricing and quality products and service. This is priceless in Los Angeles. Home owners will struggle to find contacts to quality companies that provide anything from furniture and paint discounts to relationships with plumbers, contractors or electricians. Hiring an interior designer gets you an ‘in’ that you otherwise wouldn’t have in LA.


6.Wow Factor


Even if you design your own space, chances are that unless you are innately talented, you probably won’t find your friends walking into your home and saying “WOW!” When you invest in an interior designer, that big “WOW!” from family and friends is part of your return on investment. Interior designers are well trained to think in design language. They can do things to your living space that you wouldn’t even consider.


7.Home Sale


So, it’s time to sell your home. If you hired an interior designer years ago, chances are your home has been well taken care of since part of interior design is making your space practical, resulting in fewer dings on the wall, fewer indecisive nail holes and fewer scratches on the floor. Why? Because you didn’t replace your decor year after year trying to get that “WOW!” factor that you’re just not trained to accomplish. If you didn’t hire an interior designer when you first moved in, you may want to consider adding one to your moving budget. They can strategically redesign your house to appeal to the current market, helping you receive the largest return out of your real estate investment.

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