7 Steps for a Blissful Life to attain Happiness - A proven guide with Suggestions for Daily Practices

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7 Most Important Steps for a Blissful Happy Life


Today's world is full of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Tensions and Work Pressure. In 2015, a survey report showed that 4, 30,000 UK citizens reported that the primary cause of their illness was Stress (Work related).

And a large number of people today are trying to find a secret, a guide, a way to happiness & blissfulness.

Plenty of people today, have a lot of questions related to a Happy Life, such as:

  • Is there a secret to happiness?
  • What is the secret of a blissful life?
  • How to get out of Stress, Anxiety, and Tensions etc.?
  • What's the real way to a happy life?
  • Where can we get the guide to Happiness?

& so on...

Science & Spiritual Geniuses have found some ways to be happy and to attract bliss into your lives. And herein, we bring you 7 proven ways / steps for a Blissful Happy Life.



1. Smile - Repeatedly, Regularly (15 Min. a day at least)

Practice smiling regularly, repeatedly. It's a tremendous way to enhance the quality of your life. Even in difficult times, practice to smile more & more. Knowing the fact that you have a lot of work to finish, short deadlines, pain and stuff that is causing you stress - Still Practice to Smile. Try and refuse your mind to accept the facts of being stressful or in depression. Deny everything that your brain says and just smile. It's really that simple. A natural way for being happy is to smile. Many people follow this as an early morning exercise, smiling for 10-15 minutes every day, every morning in a group and sending a message to the mind that we are happy. It’s the most powerful tool to bring blissfulness to your life. Smile & Happiness are inter related and bring blissfulness in life. Many scientific studies have shown that forcing yourself to smile activates your brain to release few chemicals of happiness to the cells & atoms of our bodies. By doing so, you generate a vibrational frequency of happiness & bliss in your body, through your brain.


Suggestion: Practice this every day for 15 minutes for 21 days and see the miracle.


2. Sense of Fellowship with people of like mind

To be able to live a blessed life, you need positive people in your lives. And you need to take negativity out of your lives completely. When you stay with your friends, family, neighbors, and relatives or with anyone, you allow them to affect your thinking and somehow your thinking is attracted towards their point of view towards life. However, you need & deserve healthy relationships. So, while spending time with people just try to observe whom are you with? - A friend or dishonesty?, A relative or Unkindness?, A neighbor or cruelty? Otherwise, unwillingly you'll attract their traits into your lives. While knowing, acknowledging and understanding that no one is perfect, try not to be with negative people who might bring you down. Choose wise people to be with, wise friends to have a long term relation with. If you find yourself surrounded by people with faith, intelligence, kindness, compassionate, success, and gentleness and loving, soon you'll find those positive traits affecting your life.


Suggestion: Practice to develop a sense of fellowship with positive people.


3. Sleep & relax more to avoid Negativity


Sleeping & getting relaxed is an automated process of repairing & recovering ourselves from the day's hectic schedules, tiredness and laziness. This process also helps us in focusing more to be productive. Learn how to relax and get a sound sleep for attracting good health and well-being. Try not to allow stress drive your day or sleep. Utilize the last five minutes of the day before your sleep wisely. In today's world we need to take some "Time for me" and need to disconnect from everything for some time to relax our mind & body. How well, how long, how much relaxed sleep you had, will affect how you feel when you wake up. We all need to take some time our daily for ourselves to relax and trying to empty our mind (especially from negative thoughts). If you aren't happy, what's the point of accumulating stuff? Work is necessary, but we all need to have a little joy while we're at work. And when we're off work, we need to relax fully and have a sound sleep - at least for 7 hours. Even having a nap in the afternoon helps you to get rid of negative emotions like anger & fear.


Suggestion: Practice relaxing your mind & body and having a sound sleep for 7 hours at least.


4. Be Kind & Help Others


One of the most effectual & valuable suggestion is to be kind & help others whenever you can & whenever possible. I found that people who always try to help others and be kind are fully content with whatever life brought them. And I've also noticed that life brings all good to them. And some studies also reveal that when you help others, without any greed or without any returns, the entire Universe helps you in return. To enrich our lives, the suggestion is to take some time out (every week) to help others. Maybe an hour a week - you decide, according to your schedule. With time, you can also spend some money on other people (Who are needy). Spending money, helping needy people, being kind, helping others will bring you happiness more than anything else in the world.


Suggestion: Practice helping others for at least 1 hour per week to enrich your lives.


5. Live in the Present Moment


Stress, anxiety, depression lies in either the future or the past. And we are habitual to think either about the future or the past. We need to focus on N:OW. That should be the only time we must focus upon. Notice and realize what's happening right now, in this moment. Where am I now? What am I thinking about? The past is unchangeable and the future is not guaranteed to anyone. So, there's no point thinking about the past or the future. All we have is NOW. Even if the future exists, it is nothing but the result of your actions today. We can't stop thinking about the past or the future. But we need to practice more & more to focus on the present moment to succeed in the future.


Suggestion: Practice being in the present moment, at least for 25 minutes daily.


6. Set Affirmations to be Positive


Many people say "Be Positive" to anyone who feels worried, tensed, or bad. Many of us don't even know how to be positive at all times. But the concern is how to stay positive when we're worried or tensed. We either don't take this thing seriously or we don't really know the way to be positive. Negative thoughts keep from being in this moment and bring only pain and suffering. As negative thoughts evacuate your energy and create a void inside. The more you allow & give power to the negative thoughts, the more energy will be evacuated of yourself. Try to notice all your thoughts. If & when you find a negative thought hovering in your mind, act immediately to divert your mind to anything positive. The best way to avoid the trap of negative thoughts is to have positive affirmations all around you, all the time. Get print outs of some positive affirmations that you like, and paste it on your wall, mirror, door, windows, car's dashboard, your work station or any place where you spend most of your day. And this will surely bring happiness as well as success into your life.


Suggestion: Practice noticing negative thoughts and act immediately to divert to positive.


7. Blissfulness Meditation


The most important technique for improving our lives is meditation, taught to us by many spiritual masters. Meditation, not only helps you to relax, it also helps you to focus on everything that you undertake. It's the most important tool for improving your happiness & daily life. A Psychiatry Research study looked at the brain scans of 16 people, who participated in a course of daily meditation and concluded that after the course, parts of the participant's brains associated with compassion and self-awareness grew, and parts associated with stress shrank. Meditation rearranges the pattern of your brain to a state of healing & blissfulness. The mind feels fresh, relaxed, delicate and calm. Meditation is called to be the single most effective way to a happier life. The only way to alter your brain patterns to a state of healing, blissfulness & happiness is through Meditation.


Suggestion: Practice meditation daily at least for 15 minutes to attract blissfulness.


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