7 Things I Wish I knew Before I Started An Online Career

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 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started An Online Career

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The success of my online career has not been built by chances. It was no accident nor an instant triumph, rather, it was a product of my extremely out-of-this-world imagination. I set out and started my quest without a clear plan. Because I knew no one who could guide me, I adopted a trial-and-error strategy. It was far more complicated than I expected.

When I started out my online journey, the only thing that I was holding on was the belief that there is a treasure in the middle of this maze - a great treasure and I must find it. Perhaps, I am a kind of person who thinks differently. I even received a lot of hurtful comments which I kept to myself and just considered those as part of the journey. 

My latest success in Bitlanders, Humanatic, and passing several tests from other sites which opened new opportunities, made me recall the struggles I experienced when I was just starting. I must admit, I committed a lot of mistakes when I started my online journey.  Though, I am still working hard for the attainment of my goals because there are still dreams which I am aiming to attain. But this time, I know I am going through a clear path and direction.  I mean, problems could still be expected. But having enough knowledge on what is going on around would be a great help. 

At the current state of my online career, I cannot refrain from thinking - What if I already knew these things before I started my online career? Could I have done better? Or those struggles that I have been through made me a better person?  At some point, I couldn't be thankful enough for all the blessings that I am receiving right now. 

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So here are the 7 things I wish I knew before I started my online career.

If you are just starting out or contemplating to pursue an online career, the following tips might be of help. My more than six years of online working experience had brought me a lot of experience, but these are the things that I considered worth giving attention to. 

(1) It would be better if we have someone who could guide us during our first days


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What could be worse than not knowing how to start doing certain things you want to do? It was in the year 2011 when I started having this idea that we could probably earn through working online. But the thing is, I knew no one who could probably guide me on how to start. I am completely unknowledgeable about this thing. I don't even know how to use Google during that time which made things even worse. 

I tried almost anything that I came across with as long as it does not ask for a registration fee. I must admit that I have committed a lot of mistakes. I lost a lot of times figuring out what will work and what will not. It was a long struggle. 

But the good thing is, I am able to appreciate more my success because of the difficulties I've been through. I would often think of this quote,

"The harder the struggle, the sweeter the reward."


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If you are planning to start an online career, I recommend having someone to guide you at the start. This would save you the time and effort on taking actions and going through processes which are sometimes unnecessary. Most often, reading a lot of materials can even be more confusing. 

Following someone who is already successful in this field will also be a good thing to consider.  I personally follow Neil Patel, a successful online marketer. I am learning additional knowledge from him in terms of blogging and marketing.

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(2) Scammers are real


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Perhaps it is already a nature of some people to take advantage of others. Scammers and hackers proliferate around the online world. We should always take necessary precautions so as to avoid being a victim of these people. 

>>>Be Safe when Using Social Media

One way to be secured is choosing the right friends.  We should not accept friend requests from people who are unknown to us especially those who don't have enough information on their accounts. Second, we should not make any transactions with individuals involving a large amount of money. It's okay to be called unfriendly than falling victim of these scammers.

>>>Beware of Phishing Emails

A friend of mine who was just starting out her online career has been a victim of hackers when she opened the link from a message sent to her email. Even our bank accounts might be compromised if we are not cautious. 

Here is a sample of an email which I received recently. At first glance, we could not tell the difference of a phishing email from an authentic email. I only knew it was one of those emails is because I don't have an account with this bank. I am also receiving email messages from PayPal with the same content. So the best thing is to go directly to the site using the browser. Never CLICK any link from email messages especially those requiring login details. 


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>>>Secure Your Payment Processor Accounts

There is no exact way of how we can be assured of a safe transaction online. But personally, I would make sure that when I log in to my working site or any site, I would go directly from the browser. Never open a site from a link. 

Additionally, we should not give out our personal information or login details to anybody. I would also see to it that I open my PayPal and other payment processor accounts at home. Opening from public wifi and internet shops might compromise our accounts. Just, be safe.


(3) Working on your own schedule is true


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Forget about the 8-5 working hours schedule because you have to work longer. Time is crucial when working online. We have to devote more time especially if we are just starting. Don't expect that working online would be an easy task. I remember having a little to no sleep at all especially when I couldn't figure out how to set up a certain thing within my site or trying to reach a quota because the following day is payout date and I couldn't even reach the minimum. 

(4) Never join a site that asks upfront payment


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The reason why we came online to seek for an online job is to earn and not to spend in order to start working. So, if a site you came across with, is asking for a payment, think twice before joining that site. Unless we are aware that it is an investment site. I would not recommend entering into online investment activities if you are just starting out. But if you have a person who can guide you, then go for it. Just invest what you can afford to lose. 

(5) Invest in your personal growth


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Taking some online courses that could help you grow and develop your craft would be a good thing to consider.  If you can't afford these online courses, you can try searching for materials that could help you. Joining forums and groups could also help you. 

(6) Don't give up too easily


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Success won't come overnight and the harsh truth, it is not promised. For some, it may be a short wait while for others it may a take a long time. But one thing is sure, success comes to those who never give up. I might not be writing this piece if I gave up that fast. Don't stop until you achieve your dreams. 

I consider myself successful in some ways but I know there are still things that I need to work on. Moreover, I love the online field. When you know that your efforts are appreciated based on your performance and output,  and not because of WHOM YOU KNOW.  When you know that you are in the middle of a fair playing field. That's the true success!

(7) Create Quality Contents for Community


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One of the considerations we have to take when creating contents is to make sure that the community will benefit from it. For example, when writing, let us bear in mind that what we need to write will be an answer to the needs of our prospect readers. 

Don't write for the purpose of impressing others, for ranking high in search engines, or for earning a large amount of money. You will get tired easily. Write because you have something in you that is worth sharing. Something that you know could help the people who came across your piece of work. The thank you's and the feeling that you were able to help others will be more than the amount you will receive. 


There may be times when our ideas differ from the rest of the people around us. Most often, these people whom we expect to support our dreams and goals are the one who would question the authenticity of such things. Not because they don't love us but because they don't understand. Just keep going, it's your battle anyway. 

Perhaps, this is another blessing that I have, a supportive family. 

Finally, love your online work. It is in loving what we do that make us more complete.

Here is another video that would show us how to be safe online.



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