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It's been a while since I updated the Ole Blog, but I've been up to some mischief, well film making mischief, and now basically I just want to share the script writing shenanigans I've been up to.
It's a film that's been in my head for a while, and it's taken a few months to write it down properly.

Inspired by dramas with interconnecting relationships such as Babel (Dir Alejandro González Iñárritu) Fear/Love (Dir Rob Chiu) and Pulp Fiction (You know who directed this). I want to connect people from seemingly completely different cultural and social backgrounds and put them in a situation where they have to depend on each other.

It is mainly inspired however by Matthew 6: 9-13. The Lord's Prayer. It's a piece of the Bible most people know, even if they don't know the rest of it. I thought there was an opportunity to adapt it into a modern day context. I think even though most people think the Bible is " just an Old Book", it has a lot of themes that are timeless that we can relate to our everyday lives if we look hard enough. God answers prayers, even in ways the previously seem unfeasible.

Anyways here is a synopsis of the film.

Mari is a young 8 year old girl who is running away from the evil at home, her brutish, violent father Barnes. The once safe abode has turned into a constant den of fear after her father struggles to deal with the guilt of his sin. She runs away the only way she knows how, to the bus, the bus that is her is chariot to better things. Already on the bus is Sara, a staff nurse at a local hospital who is recovering from the death of her young son in an accident. She is coming to terms with the loss of her chance at being a mother and is slowly getting back to what she hopes is normal. Asleep and unaware of the plight that will befall her and this bus very soon. Dizzy is a troubled man in his early 20’s. Struggling to deal with the consequences of his mistakes, he is left to run towards the only oasis in his desert of chaos, the bus. Bruised and battered he only just makes it on the bus.

However, these 3 complete strangers are on a are unknowingly on a bus journey to nowhere. Abandoned in the middle of nowhere by their mysterious bus driver, they are left to figure out how to get out of this seemingly life or death situation. Them banding together will make them realize that they are all connected in the most personal of ways.

I hope that little teaser has whetted your appetites.

The script is coming along (Just finished another draft), so expect to see some major developments very soon.

And oh here is a little tease 

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