8 Benefits of Paleo Diet

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Most fad diets are not effective and may even actually cause more health problems than help. Paleo diet is different because, unlike most fad diets, it actually works. Aside from being an effective weight loss diet plan, it also offers many health benefits.

Just to give you a quick overview of the Paleo diet, here's a quick quote from my previous blog post.

Paleo diet is a type of dietary plan based on foods that are similar to what may have been eaten during the Paleolithic era which was approximately between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago. This is why it's also called the Paleolithic diet, hunter-gatherer diet, caveman diet, and Stone Age diet. A paleo diet normally consists of foods which can be obtained through hunting and gathering such as fish, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

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So, without further adieu and in continuation of my previous blog, here are 8 benefits of the paleo diet.

1. Clean Eating Habits


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Processed foods are a big no-no for Paleo. That's why following the way how the Paleolithic humans used to eat means eating grass-fed and organically sourced foods. This forces you to cook your own meals to make sure that you do not ingest harmful chemicals such as additives, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, and growth stimulants. It will also ensure that you maintain a healthy diet by eating fewer calories.

2. Stronger Immune System


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The eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors consist primarily of vegetables and fruits that are organically grown. Consumption of foods that are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and E, and various green leafy vegetables can help boost our immune system. It may even lower our risk for cancer. 

3. Healthy Weight Management


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If you want to lose a few pounds or simply want to maintain your current weight--but don't want to starve yourself or go on a strenuous workout program--then the Paleo diet may be perfect for you. Although the Paleo diet is very restrictive when it comes to the foods allowed, it does not limit how much you can eat. It won't make you go on fasts, count your calorie intake, or have a punishing portion control. Additionally, it helps remove all processed foods from your diet and replace them with protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Fiber can act as a natural appetite suppressant because it is much harder to digest, which helps prevent you from overeating and snacking all the time.  Staying healthy and fit has never been easier.

However, you still need to be careful. You don't have to limit how much you can eat, but do try to eat a balanced portion of protein, fiber, and healthy fats for optimal results. 

4. Blood Sugar Level Management


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The Paleo diet lets you avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates so it's much easier to prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels. In one study, patients with diabetes were grouped into two. The first group was tasked to follow the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association which includes consumption of legumes, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. The other group was put on a Paleolithic diet. After the study, researches measured the metabolic changes between the two groups and found out that the Paleo diet was more effective than the ADA diet when it comes to increasing insulin sensitivity.

This study only proves that diabetics can benefit from the Paleo diet. However, if you are diabetic, make sure that you get a go signal from your doctor before starting on this diet plan so they can adjust your medications accordingly. It's better to be safe than sorry, after all.

5. Reduces Acne


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The Kitivan islanders of Papua New Guinea live their lives away from the influence of modern lifestyle, which includes their diet. They mostly eat vegetables, fruits, fish, coconut, and tubers with a low glycemic index. On the other hand, foods introduced by modern farming like dairy, cereal grains, alcohol, salt, and sugar are conspicuously absent from their daily meals. With such a healthy diet, it's not surprising that they are not afflicted with diseases like obesity, hypertension, and heart diseases. Additionally, out of the 1,200 men and women analyzed, not one of them have acne--and that includes teenagers who were at the ripe age for an acne breakout. 

6. Eco-Friendly


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Th Paleo diet consists of around 30% protein which is frowned upon by its many critics. They argue that a diet that allows that much meat consumption cannot be good for the environment. However, this type of diet does not condone cruel contemporary factory farming practices that can cause widespread pollution. Instead, it supports sustainable agriculture and livestock farming practices that uphold the principles of conservation, biodiversity, and organic agricultural methods. It also encourages people to only eat grass-fed and free-range ethically-raised livestock. 

7. Can Help Prevent Diseases


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Like what I pointed out on the fifth benefit, the Kitavans are not susceptible to diseases like obesity, heart diseases, and various kinds of cancers. This is because they don't or very rarely eat foods that are known to cause inflammation. By following the Paelo diet, you are already eating more anti-inflammatory foods that are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients. And by staying away from junk and heavily processed foods, you are already avoiding the synthetic chemicals and substances that are responsible for a variety of illnesses and diseases.

8. Better Sleep Quality


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Many of the chemicals and additives found on our food sources can disrupt our sleep at night because they can override the signal called serotonin sent by the brain that it's time to sleep. Eliminating these substances by keeping a healthy diet is one of the ways to get better sleep because it can help the body feel tired when it's supposed to at night. The paleo diet allows our bodies to get in tune with the circadian rhythm by letting the serotonin work its magic on our bodies so we can sleep when we should sleep. This consequently enables us to wake up earlier and more energized in the morning. 

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