8 things You DID NOT KNOW about Carrie Fisher

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While busy preparing for their year-end festivities at the last week of the year, millions of people are probably taken by surprise as reports of the death of actress Carrie Fisher hit major media outlets around the globe and spread like wildfire on social platforms.

Popularly known as one of the major cast of the original Star Wars Trilogy (shown during the late 70s crossing early 80s), Fisher received stardom status for her iconic role of Princess Leia.

Dubbed as the Star Wars Princess, some say that the role was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as it obviously pushed Fisher celebrity status off the charts. On the other hand, some argue that it is a curse since her other works or activities are shadowed by her participation in the Star Wars franchise.

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As a Star Wars and Fisher fan, yours truly would be glad to share some facts you (and many people for that matter) probably didn't know about Fisher. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading some of the more not-so-known but fun and interesting facts about Ms. Carrie Fisher.


1. Star Wars was NOT her First

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The very first Star Wars film to hit the theaters was on 1976. A year before that, Fisher was already part of the satirical romantic comedy drama film Shampoo. The movie itself and some of the cast received a number of awards and nominations.

As for Carrie, being her first movie role, it is quite understandable if she didn't receive any recognition. But despite this, it is worth noting that her performance was solid enough for her to secure the iconic role of Princess Leia.

Although Fisher starred in many other movie roles after Shampoo and Star Wars, she would forever be known and remembered as the Star Wars Princess.


2. Married only once

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In the glamorous tinseltown called Hollywood, multiple marriages and divorces is an acceptable and usual occurrence – but not for Fisher though as the actress only had one marriage.

Remember the film Shampoo above? The musical score of that film was by Paul Simon. Looks like sparks flew between Simon and Fisher as the two dated. After a few years, the two eventually exchanged wedding vows when they married each other.

Sadly, the couple's relationship ended in divorce. Although they did not have any kids, Carrie and Paul apparently remained in good terms and retained their friendship with one another.

Speaking of marriages, some readers may have this notion that Carrie had a second husband – Bryan Lourd.
The two did have a relationship (they actually have a daughter love child), but please be informed that they are not officially (or legally) married.

3. Romance in and out of the set

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Speaking of relationships, the one between the love interest of Carrie's character (Harrison Ford's Han Solo) was extended beyond the set.

Fisher divulged, or rather revealed in an autobiography that while shooting the first Star Wars film, she and Ford had a three month relationship.

It’s a good thing Carrie only exposed it years after since Ford was married at the time of said relationship. Additionally, actor Harrison Ford neither confirmed nor denied Fisher’s claim.


4. Hated that gold bikini

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One of the most remembered image of the actress and also one of the most striking scene in movie history is when Carried appeared in a golden bikini on the movie Return of the Jedi (Star Wars episode 6). The image is surely imbued in the memories of millions of fans.

While the male species probably enjoyed the said scene (biologically, it is hard for any males not to fantasize about a princess chained like a slave and wearing a golden bikini) – Fisher and other feminists disliked it. Needless to say, it portrays females in a negative light as sex symbols or pieces of meat.

There was actually a never-ending discussion whether the scene and outfit is appropriate for the movie. But hey, in the entertainment industry, any form of publicity is good publicity.


5. More than just an actress

Let us now talk about Carrie’s career. The actress is undoubtedly one of the most recognized name in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. However, besides acting, Fisher is also a producer, writer, and (believe it or not) – a humorist.

For those who are not aware, a humorist is a person with an active sense of humor wherein they can skillfully blend humor in their manner of speaking, writing, and even acting.

Anyway, Fisher’s use of humor is apparent in many of her works. In one of her books titled Wishful Thinking, she written the following quote:

I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra - Carrie Fisher

If the above Fisher-quote was not amusing enough, here is a short hilarious clip of Carrie. I won't divulge any further as not to ruin the punch line but all I can say is that this happened in The Graham Norton Show

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Another of her most notable comedic work is the TV Film These Old Broads. Carrie is the movie’s writer and co-executive producer. These Old Broads is quite significant because it is the last film of Elizabeth Taylor and Carrie’s mom was also in it.


6. Born from Stars

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In a certain way, Carrie Fisher is destined to be a star. She was the child of actress / singer Debbie Reynolds – and Eddie Fisher – a crooner and an actor.

Aside from being known as a renowned singer and actress, her mother (Debbie Reynolds) is also a known humanitarian and businesswoman. As for Carrie’s father (Eddie Fisher) – he holds the distinct recognition of being the most popular and successful pop singles artist from 1950 to 1955.

With the family background above, one would naturally assume that Fisher is cut out to be a star. That might be true, however, please do note that it is not happily ever after for her parent’s case.

The couple actually divorced when Carrie was only two years old. In fact, the separation was scandalous as Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor – who ironically is also Debbie’s best friend. Yours truly just couldn’t imagine the emotional impact this may have to both Debbie and Carrie.

Fortunately, Elizabeth and Debbie reconciled. It has also been reported that Elizabeth felt truly bad about what happened. Some say that the reason why Elizabeth Taylor accepted the role on the film “These Old Broads” despite her deteriorating health is to make up for what she did to both Debbie and Carrie.


7. Stars in Heaven

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Carrie Fisher died on December 27, 2017. Sadly, her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away the day after (December 27th). Carrie was 60 years old when she died while Debbie was 84 when the severe stroke took her life.

The world did not lost two stars on December 2016, they just moved on their proper places in heaven.


8. Done up to episode 8

There’s a good reason why this fact is dedicated for the last spot. As mentioned, Carrie had a major role in the first Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 6 to 9). Interestingly, she also has some participation in the latest installments of the Star Wars franchise.

On Star Wars Episode 7, Carrie reprised her Leia Organa role together with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. Carrie’s Leia character is also slated to appear on Star Wars Episode 8 – and being the hardworking actress that she is, it has been reported that she was able to completely shoot / finish all her scenes making the 2018 Star Wars film Carrie’s last movie.

That’s just about it. Hope you found the facts contained here interesting as it belonged to a spectacular Hollywood celebrity.

If you know any interesting and relatively obscure fact about Carrie Fisher, please feel free to share it on the comment section.

Let me end this blog with the emotional video below. It is a clip of actor Mark Hamil (the one who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise) paying his tribute to Carrie Fisher

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