8 tips to boost your immune system

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The most important organ in the body is a device Immune who keeps the rest of our organs and protect them from the + diseases and unwanted items so we have to Protect it and preserve it to you the most important tips to strengthen the immune system and maintain it: -
1. To be sure, the effort to make excess leads to the reduction of the work of the immune system, it is better for you to stay relaxed during a cold or flu season, and if you accumulate a lot of work you yoga are the perfect solution for this.
2. Lymphatic massage is a wonderful way to rid the body of toxins.
3. Studies have shown the impact of Positivemusic on the immune system, the pregnant when listening to music leads to improved pregnancy outcomes.
4. Listened to a lot of +jokes, the laughter boosts the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety and relieves muscle tension and increases the amount of oxygen. Laughter is an effective way to strengthen the immune and reduce muscle tension and blood pressure device and so you can watch movies or comedies Vida with friends
5. obtain a sufficient amount of +sleep, eight hours each day, lack of sleep is working to increase the stress hormones that break down the immune system.
6. attempt sweating: the practice of some sport to ease the tension, when sweating and getting rid of excess amounts of salts feel comfortable and immune system activity.
7. weight and ideal body: Follow a diet rich+Fruit and +Vegetables to get all the vitamins and important minerals that the body needs.
8. Drink plenty of +Water is essential for healthy skin, The skin is the first line of defense for the body.
Water is a vital element in the human body helps to clean the toxins in the kidneys, and version always advised women drinking it down and repeat.
Take care and focused on these tips and try to visit regularly to the doctor or medical center nearby and kept on because the immune system is the most important organ of the human body as well as you need to be careful about the nature of the food and the foods you eat, dear reader.

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