A birthday wish for my Mom!

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May is a special month for my family. The month of May is special not because of the rains we are expecting, or the weather that will soon become favourable, but because this is the month the love of my life is born! This is my Mom birthday month.  Am so excited and decided to write this article. Am using this opportunity to advise each and every one of you to love your mom, cherish her, respect her and hold her dear, mother's are the best things that can ever happen to anyone.Please go hug your mom and tell her how much you love her.

There is much I would like to say to my mother, though I really can’t make it up to her for all the love she gave me, I can only say thank you Mom! No amount money can quantify my love for your mom, I would like to devote most of my free time staying close to you mom and appreciate you. I rather stay home with my mother and family and try out family bonding, after all,it's your month,  you need all the love and affection you deserved.

Qualities of a May Born!

I appreciate mothers all over the world because mothers  have specific and unique qualities, that makes them better than any other person on earth. But i'm sure that all mothers born in the month of May, are born special!


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Honestly, May mothers are hard working people, I do not know if all mothers are like this. But I'm sure my mother is and she’s wonderful at making a home. Women are generally hardworking, but I believe my mother is extra hardworking due to the fact that she was a stay home mom. She had all the time to take good care of us and provide us with practically everything a child needs.

Though life as we know it now is not what it was in the past. I  believe my mother has developed a mindset of working hard and making a life for her children. I appreciate you, Mom!


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Although my mother has never been within the four walls of any educational institution, she learned the basics of reading and constructing small sentences just to be able to teach us when we were still young.  My Mom always multitasks so as to be able to meet our needs as it arises even till date, we thank you mom. 

The world describe people born in the month of May as

Individuals born in the month of May are extremely understanding, resolute and enthusiastic. Their physical attractiveness coupled with their mental strength makes them absolutely irresistible. Extremely hardworking and always on the move, these people always keep themselves occupied with something or the other and detest wasting time. As charming as these May-borns are, they always claim the attention of almost everybody around them and their oratory skills make sure that the attention stays. Zealous and energetic, not only do they exhibit a keen interest in arts, music and literature, but they also tend to have an imaginative bent of mind  Thefamouspeople 

 A birthday wish for my mom  

A lot of people are always looking for a good life, travel the world to countries with greener pastures.  Sometimes it might be to gain new experience and knowledge. I really wish above all with the help of God i might be able to fulfill these dreams for my mother, despite the fact she’s ageing by the day.  I wish we could travel the world together, try Chinese stake and drink some Sake. Though my personal goal may differ from my mother’s, I wish I could travel the world with her, before she becomes too old to travel around.

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I am not wishing to achieve the impossible for my mom, all I am wishing for her is to reap the benefits of her unending love, to have a happy life, to surround herself  with her loving family and grandchildren.


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It may seem impossible to achieve at the moment, but that’s my dream for my mom. Holding fast and preparing for the up coming holidays, I would want to see her smile, laugh, and have fun. That's the best gift from a son to his mom.

A son’s  appreciation to his Mom

I really would love to have a quiet time with my mother, my siblings and the people I love, I really appreciate those moments that cannot be written in words. And to let her know…


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Mama, I know I can't understand the trouble that I caused you, because when I was low, you always cared for me, you never left me alone even when i disappoint you. I always see you hustling just to make miracles happen every Christmas and Easter. That’s when I understand I can never know how you feel about me when you are in the kitchen every night fixing us dinner. This is my definition of unrequited love.  My plan today is to show that I understand the love you have for me. I appreciate you, Mama!

Living the dream for an old woman

Life is full of ambitions and we are always too busy trying to enjoy our life from time to time.  But I want to find a place for my siblings and above all my Mom. I really have not decided on the activities for the upcoming weeks.   Although i will want to spend more time with her in the house, I also want to take her out on a date.Whatsoever I decide, I’m optimistic it will turn out to be a fun filled holiday.


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I have written this piece to appreciate my mother for her love, her patience, her kindness, her faithfulness and above all her gentleness in taking good care of me and my siblings. I thank Christ for a wonderful mother and to all the mothers born in the month of May all over the world, I appreciate your qualities.


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This is my gift to my Mom to fly and meet your dreams!!


 All information written on this blog are the authors opinion of how he feels about his mom

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