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 We have heard and read many stories regarding the abuse of women in Afghanistan with unfortunate endings but that’s not what I’m here to do. This story sheds light on the strong and powerful Afghan women fighting for their basic human rights. 

As we know, violence against women in Afghanistan is a severely pressing issue with stories such as this one. According to the Huffington Post, a very young woman from a small village known as Kookchaheel was murdered by a mob for “dishonoring” her family. By ‘dishonoring’ they meant, eloping with a male cousin.

As promised, this story is not all negative. Even though I can’t say there was a happy ending, I can say that the treatment of Afghan women is very slowly but surely improving at a snails pace. In this situation, the mullah or religious leader aka the mastermind behind the death of this innocent soul that issued the ‘fatwa’ was apprehended, tried and jailed for over 17 years!

Even though this doesn’t seem to amaze anyone living in the Western world because of our vast judicial system, it is quite a step in the right direction for the government of Afghanistan. 

You see, just a couple of years, less than a decade ago, this young woman would not have experienced even the slightest taste of justice or remorse for what was done to her. Luckily the rise and push for the education and empowerment of Afghan women is finally taking a baby step into the light after decades of darkness.

Thus the education of women is vital for the decline of women’s violence in Afghanistan. What many of us do not realize is that a rise in the education of women coincides with the education of men in respecting women and treating them with the respect they rightfully deserve.

Men who grow up learning alongside women are bound to show more respect morality in their actions toward women. All in all, education of women in Afghanistan is the key to the future! 

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