A Cable Which Has Change World

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 Today I am going to write a blog on a cable. Which has brings the lots of changes in our daily life. The speed of that cable is much higher than the metal cables. And it can be used for long distance.

Optical Fiber: Optical fiber is a cable which consists on glass material. And with help of this we can transfer the data from one place to another place at large amount. 

Optical fiber cable is safest cable on the earth. In the center there is the core in the cable. It consists on glass. Another material which is cladding . Core is fully covered with cladding. Its work is to limit the light waves in specific area. Cladding is covered with coating. Its range is 250 t0 900 microns and coating is measured in microns. Coating is covered with strengthening fiber. This gives the safety to cable during installation. And the outer side of the cable is cable jacket. Jackets could be in different colors like yellow, red and orange.  

Optical fiber cable can transfer the data of 1024 terabytes per second over 50 kilometers. In modern days, single cable can be contains on 1000 thousands fibers. If we use the metal cable instead of optical fiber the weight of the cable will be increased in tons. But the optical fiber is light weight cable.

These cables can be buried in sea. With this the whole countries are connected with each other. Manufacturing companies gives the lot of safety to this cable. Because these cables cannot be changed easily . If the cable will be damaged then this will create effect on the efficiency of cable.

Optical fiber is the modern cable. Its efficiency is also much higher than other cables. This has changed our lives.




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