A Dead One

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It was normal day for everyone, hustle bustle in the city, the scorching heat of sun, creeping of birds in nearby trees but it is not normal for Ayesha. This was happening to her from the day when she came back from university and her family announced that she is going to engaged. Her world was upside down. Whenever she lied down to sleep her great worries emerge at the surfaces like the air bubbles escaping from the surfaces of water and she is falling in the abyss and no one is there to pull her out of it. She is in love with a guy from university and now she has to sacrifice her dreams and her desire for her parents happiness as she is the eastern girl chained in traditions and prisoned in the cage known as culture

Her parents had been planning of her wedding when she opened her eyes and now the expensive clothes the amazing and high priced jewelry is everywhere in her room. With every passing day her anxiety increases, there was smile on her face but inside she was dying. She knew how her father worked day and night to buy her dowry and her mother figure lingered in her mind working desperately and managing the list of her wedding. they loved her and she loved them too but the pain is unbearable for her she started taking sleeping pills and soon became addicted to them but they were of no use she want someone to listen to her a shoulder to cry off but there was no one just she standing in the darkness all alone

Wedding day is the beautiful and wonderful time for every eastern girl, she wanted to feel the same and enjoy the every moment of her wedding but she could not. In red at her wedding day she looked like a Goddess an angel but the society and her parents pride made that angel weak and she couldn’t bear the torment her chain of slavery were giving to her. She could not bear agony of her gash given by her own family at the name of tradition and at her wedding day she died of nervous breakdown 

In our society parents gives everything what their children wants but they never try to overcome the gulf of lack of communication between them they don’t know what their children want and their children don’t know who their parents really are and its happening in our societies from centuries, they never know from which their young ones are through and in the results many girls like Ayesha died on their wedding day and leave a question behind which no one dare to answer 

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