A fight towards existence

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A fight towards existence

The US troops are withdrawing. What will be the ripple effects? Will the country remain stable politically and economically? How will the administration fulfil the hope of the Afghan ordinary citizens? More so the government will have to counter with the innumerable problems of the everyday lives of an average Afghan. It’s a fight for existence for the Afghans. Reports of deaths, women and child casualties reported everywhere across the nation. The United Nation Report counts 4,853 civilian casualties in the first half of 2014 including 1,564 deaths, a 17 percent increase over the number of deaths in the same period last year.

Child casualties has doubled and the number of women casualties increased by 60 percent. The rationale is due to the changing nature of the existing violence. The clash is taking place and further increasing between communities to gain power. For the first time, more civilians are killed by crossfire in battles between government and anti-government forces than by improvised explosive devices. The political scenario is unstable with a tussle between presidential candidatures. The situation seems like a muddle of chaotic circumstances building up. The situation engulfed like an atomic cloud shredding ill -effects in every aspect of life especially to women and children. They bear to remember women and children are the lynchpin of any society and their situations has to be lifted up. That auspiciously has to be the main agenda of the ruling government, not to return to their previous state of affair.

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