A Fun Night With My College Classmates At Isla Reta

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Games that involve cards are not my thing. I refrain myself from joining such games especially when money is involved too. However, I was forced to participate in a card game when we were in Isla Reta to avoid being called as KJ or Kill Joy. No money involved and I played the card game.

After the delicious dinner we had at Isla Reta Beach Resort, my classmates bought cards in the beach store so we could have some fun. From 9:00 in the evening until 2:00 in the dawn, we played three games. The first two games used cards while the last game was all about your brain and vocabulary. I must say that these Electronics Engineers are very competitive.


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Bakak is a Visayan or Cebuano term of "Lie." It's a card game wherein the player will guess whether the cards said and thrown are either lie or truth.


To throw all your cards.


  1. Players must be a minimum of three. Each player is given five (5) cards at the beginning of the game.
  2. The first player releases one or two but not more than three cards and then say what card is it. A card is thrown downcard.
  3. The next player guesses if the preceding player releases the exact cards spoken. If he thinks it's the truth, he will release another card and do the same process as number 2.
  4. If the player guesses it wrong, then he will draw another card placed at the center.
  5. Once the player has completed a suit, he will put it in the center in an upcard orientation. As mentioned you can only draw three sets of same cards at a time. Otherwise, it shall be surrender and placed at the center. 
  6. The one who will no longer have cards on his hand will be the winner. There can be lots of winners depending on the number of players but there is only one loser in every game.

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A suit is one of the categories into which the cards of a deck are divided. Most often, each card bears one of several pips (symbols) showing to which suit it belongs; the suit may alternatively or additionally be indicated by the color printed on the card. 

A deck of cards is a pack of 52 playing cards.

Source: Wikipedia

For example,

First Case:
First Player: Two (2) Jack. (Throws 1 Jack and 1 Nine of Spades)
Second Player: Lie.

First Player will take the two cards again.

Second Player: 1 Alas. (Throws 1 Alas)
Third Player: 1 Alas. (Throws 1 King)
Fourth Player: 2 Alas. (Throws 2 Alas)
Fifth Player: Lie.

Fifth Player will take the four cards thrown.


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Go Fish is another card game that involves memorization. Yes, your memory will be tested in this game. In my theory, Go Fish is somehow synonymous with the sentence, "You go fishing!", meaning the player needs to catch those who are carrying the same set of cards. In other words, you have to steal the cards from your opponent which is similar to yours.


To house a suit. Better to have more than two suits. Those who house a suit more will be the winner of this game.


  1. Players must be a minimum of five.
  2. Four cards are given to each of the players. The remaining deck of the cards are downcarded at the center and will be drawn every wrong guess.
  3. If the player guesses it correctly, the player mentioned must give all his cards the eldest player asked.
  4. If the player guesses it incorrect, he will draw another one card and the next player in the game is the one who is mentioned by the preceding player.

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For example,

Player 1 has 1 Jack of Diamond, 1 Jack of Spades, 1 Three of Spades, 1 Nine of Diamond and 1 Ten of Club.
Player 2 has 1 Jack of Heart, 1 Queen of Heart, 1 Two of Diamond, 1 King of Club and 1 Five of Spades.

Player 1 will look for the cards that are in his set of cards only.

Player 1: Player 2, give me the Jack card.

Player 2 will automatically give his Jack of Diamond and Jack of Spades to Player 1. Player 1 will still continue to look for cards.

Player 1: Player 2, give me the three cards.

Since Player 2 doesn't have three cards, then it's player 2 turns to look for the other set of his cards.

For an instance,

Player 1 already has three Jacks and only one more left to have a suit of Jack. Luckily, he's able to steal the remaining one, he will automatically release the suit of Jack in a downcard orientation. Thus, player 1 already has 1 house.


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S-Game is again a game of vocabulary in which all the words that have an s sounds are prohibited in the game. I introduced this game to the gang.


To give a word or set of words connected to the previous word such that it doesn't end with letter S and the sound of letter S. There is only one winner in this game.


  1. Minimum of two players.
  2. Each player is given five (5) seconds to think for another word or set of words connected to the first/preceding word/s.
  3. After 5 seconds, if the player failed to give a word or the word given by the preceding player is not connected, he will be eliminated.
  4. Words that sound like letter S and starts and ends with letter S are prohibited, for example, Science, Disease, Osmosis, Hindrance, Sax, Fox, Metamorphosis, Thermodynamics, and Electronics
  5. Another language is acceptable such that all the players know that language.
  6. Repetition of words are not allowed, otherwise, the player will automatically be eliminated.
  7. There is only a minimum of two set words with the same meaning to be dropped. Otherwise, the sequence will automatically be reversed.


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For example,

We are six in the game. We are all Filipino, specifically an Iliganon. That means we can speak English, Filipino, and Cebuano.

Player 1: Cardiovascular
Player 2: Vein
Player 3: Heart
Player 4: Broken
Player 5: Nagbulag ("Nagbulag" is a Cebuano term for Break-up. )
Player 6: Depressed

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Another example for rule number 7,

Player 1: Chemistry
Player 2: Periodic Table
Player 3: Carbon Dioxide
Player 4: Lead

The previous two players said two words that are synonymous such that both are chemical elements found in the periodic table. The next player must not use other elements found in the periodic table but rather involves in the word Lead (Pb). However, Lead can be interpreted differently.

Player 4: Leader
Player 5: Organization
Player 6: Businessmen


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On The Final Thought,

These three games are really fun especially when your opponents are fun and witty human being. Even though I don't really play card games but thinking that I will miss the fun is a big no-no. It was a good decision of mine to join and have fun. But, out of the three games played, I like S-Game so much. I was the one who introduced it to them since playing cards are really not my thing. My classmates like the S-Game so much which led to playing it from night to dawn. They said that the game made their mind to function in just a mere 5 seconds. It's really challenging and fun at the same time. You should try this game too.


Image Credits: Kneelyrac uploaded in Bitlanders

It's not about winning, it's taking part and having fun.


 Image Credits: Kneelyrac

Video Credits: Kneelyrac via Bitlanders


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