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In life you are the guardian of your own will, you have to manage your needs according to the budget you have, the pocket money you have.

Interesting thing is that you have to enforce limitations on your own life your own will, sometime you like to sleep but it will the time of your class .

Whats the reason behind why we should know about life??

 lets open the big secret side of your life after knowing you can do whatever you want whatever you like, once you are the master of your own will but how you will , you will be able to learn it very well because its you ! who is your teacher ! is your own mind which can take you to the way of successful life.

                    Try to the be leader of your own will and be the one who guide himself and be the one who can be the only master, because this is the story telling you the character whose main character is yours.

This is the time when you have to grow up to the next level of you life that is "Professional Life" , in which you have to change your character and modify and prepare your mind for the current hardships that is why people will call you the grown man. In this World we should take our each phase of life as an experiment for the good results, which can totally change our life. 

At the end of this article i will say " be happy and let others to be happy " . 

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