A Guide for Globe SIM Upgrade, My Own Experience

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Most smartphones nowadays have a smaller SIM card slot dedicated for nano SIM which makes mirco SIM and regular SIM incompatible with it. Purchasing SIM cards is very easy in the Philippines, and there is no limit to how many you want to buy. But what if you bought a phone which has an incompatible SIM card slot with your SIM card? Usually, people would just purchase a new SIM card that is compatible to the phone since it's easy to purchase one and also cheap. However, there are also people who wants to keep their current phone number because it has been used on important documents, businesses, banks, and other important stuff.

For a person who owns a larger-sized SIM and wants to retain his/her phone number when switching to a smartphone that is only nano SIM capable, doing so is possible. The process is easier than changing your number on each document and informing your friends and colleagues. On this blog, I will share to you guides for the Globe SIM Upgrade.

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Globe Telecom or "Globe" is one of the biggest and leading telecommunications services in the Philippines. It was founded on 1935 and is well-known for fixed line, broadband, and mobile network services in the country. Globe is also known for its mobile payment and remittance called GCash. As of 2017, Globe has a total 60.7 million users. Two of Globe's major shareholders are Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) and Ayala Corporation.


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I've finally bought a phone to replace my old phone two months ago. While my mom and I were waiting for the invoice, I took my SIM card out from my old phone to insert it on the new phone. The seller immediately noticed that it was incompatible with the phone, so she recommended me to have it upgraded to a nano SIM card at the Globe Store which was only a few steps away from the store I am purchasing the phone.

I could've just bought a new SIM card that is compatible with the phone but of course, I still prefer keeping my current phone number. The seller told that one I.D. is required to have the SIM upgraded. However, I haven't brought any with me. She then asked my mom if she has one and said that it's alright to use my mom's I.D. I then went to the Globe Store to have my SIM card upgraded.

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Honestly, I am hesitant to use my mom's I.D. for the upgrade and even told my mom that I'll just do it next time, but she insisted since the Globe Store was near with only few customers inside. Into the Globe store we went and input my mom's name on the queuing system since I will be using her I.D.

When it was my turn, I gave the I.D. and I was asked series of questions. I was only expecting for some basic personal details to be asked like name, birthday, age, address, phone number, etc. Those types of information. I was surprised to be asked how long have I been using my SIM, the denomination I usually top up on my number, and two numbers I recently texted. The questions were fine and I have given the information they needed until I was asked to give two numbers I always text. I gave the numbers of my mom and a friend since they were the ones I always text to. Surprisingly, the customer service staff said it was not appearing on their list. I couldn't think of any numbers to give because aside from sending messages to my mom and friend's number, the next numbers I send messages to are 222 to check my load balance and 8080 to register on data promos.

I don't really often use my phone to text but I often use it for data connection when I'm outside the house. Since I cannot answer the question, the staff asked if the number is mine or my mom's, who was sitting at the waiting area. I always suck at lying so I told that it was mine. The staff told that I should present my own I.D. since it will be registered on their customer information. As what I was expecting, I wasn't able to have it upgraded.


A few days after, I went to another Globe Store nearer from my home. I made sure not to forget to bring two I.D.s with me before leaving home. There were only two customers when I entered the store but I waited almost 15 minutes for my turn. Finally getting to the counter and telling my concern, the customer service staff told that the Upgrade SIM was currently out of stock. I felt unlucky and quite frustrated because I can't get my SIM card upgraded which should be an easy and simple task to do. I then tried looking up online if ever there's a way to upgrade it by myself without visiting a Globe Store.


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I found the instruction on the photo from Globe's website and it made me feel relieved for I can upgrade it without visiting the store. I headed to a mall and bought a new SIM card to be used on the upgrade. The next day, I did what I have to do. I followed the instructions above but I always ended up getting stuck on the 4th step. The menu wasn't appearing on the new SIM card where I could type the code. I tried it thrice but nothing appeared, no progress at all.

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Regular SIM.

Curious to why the menu wasn't appearing, I did another search online about the Upgrade SIM and found out that it was a different SIM from the regular ones sold everywhere. It's a special SIM which can only be availed at Globe Stores. Man, I thought I could upgrade it on my own since the instruction said "Self-Service SIM Upgrade". I really have no choice but to visit a store to have it done!   

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Regular SIM (left) and Upgrade SIM (right).


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Globe Upgrade SIM.

The only requirements for the SIM upgrade are 2 I.D.s and your old SIM to be upgraded. On my birthday, I finally got the chance to visit another Globe Store. We went to a mall to eat dinner and while waiting for our food to be served, I realized that there's a Globe Store just beside the restaurant we were dining at, so I excused myself from my family for awhile and went to the Globe Store.

Just like on my first attempt, I was also asked several questions by the customer service staff. Questions like how long have I been using my SIM, the last time I topped up load on the sim, my usual load denomination, if I am registered to GCash, how long have I been using GCash, and the data promo I always avail. The staff asked for my I.D.s next and gave me four pages of paper to fill up while she photocopied my I.D.s.

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Nano SIM is just 1/3 longer than my small nail. (Lol)

After checking my paper, she brought out the Upgrade SIM and did the processing. I was asked if I had already made a backup on my SIM because the mobile numbers saved on it will be permanently erased during the upgrade. If you are saving the mobile numbers on your device then nothing to worry about. She also did ask me though to do the first and second steps on the self-service sim upgrade. The upgrade was FREE but the staff told me that the new SIM needs to be topped up with Php 50 load in order for it to get activated. Well, it's part of the process so I have no choice but to agree.

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I was also asked to surrender my old SIM in exchange of the new SIM. That's it. I now have my SIM upgraded! My transaction with the customer service was quite long around fifteen minutes but it was fine because it was almost closing time so there were only very few customers left waiting for their turn.  


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Upgrading your Globe SIM is actually easy, I am probably just unlucky to have experience these things. Well, somehow I am thankful because through the unfortunate attempts I was able to write this blog and may this be a reminder for everyone to bring and use their own I.D.s! From now own, I will always have one in my bag just in case I will be needing it again in the future.

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It took me over a month to have my sim upgraded to a nano-cut SIM, so I am now happy that I can finally use my new phone for texting. In addition, the Upgrade SIM isn't only for changing your SIM size but it also supports LTE for a better internet connection. Aside from changing your SIM size without losing your current phone number, you can also have your SIM upgraded if your current SIM still does not support LTE. I am truly glad and grateful that Globe have this way of allowing its customers to upgrade their SIM while retaining their old numbers. It really helps a lot and definitely a lifesaver!

Visit Globe's website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for more updates!

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