A House on a Fire

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It was the month of June. It was mid night time. I was sleeping on the roof of my house. I heard the crises of FIRE FIRE.I got up with the fright. I saw a red glow and clouds of smoke in the east. I came down stairs barefooted and join the people who were rushing to the fire spot. After two or three turnings we reached a building which was on fire. I saw the huge clouds of smoke curling up. It was very dark.

The fire spread fast. It soon caught the wood works. It crackled and blazed forth in to a furry. The residence of building was crying in the street. They were making appeals to people to save than from ruins. Some people began to throw buckets full of water on free. But fire was uncontrollable. The fire spreading every moment. It began to threaten the adjoining buildings. Some of bold young men dragged out valuable from it.

Every body was praying and waiting for “FIRE BRIGADE”. Soon the fire brigade arrived at the spot. The fire men spread a network of water. Sliding ladder where were set up against the walls and fire fighters clambered up them like rats. Some daring fire fighters reach the burning roofs and began to bring down the walls after the heroic efforts of two hours the fire was brought under control. The building was completely destroyed. And it gives ugly look. There was no loss of life. All of us thanked “ALLAH” for it.