A Life in a Big City Part 1

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Today my topic is a life in a big city. What is life ? and also life in a big city ? We discuss the merit and demerit of a life in a big city.

The existence of an individual human being and animal is called life.

Lord Chesterfield describe about the life “ I love capitals, every thing is best of capitals” . He perfers the life in a big city. He means to say is that in a big city, we can have many facilities.

A Latin proverb “A great city, a great loneliness”. This proverb show the demerit of a life in a big city.


Big  cities are center of trade and other activities. In big cities , we can get higher education according to our desires. Emerson describe great words about the life. He said, “Cities force growth and men talkative and entire training, but they make them artificial”.

 Life in a big city is totally different from the village life. Life in a big city is very excited. People works according to the time table. Life in a big city very comfortable. There are many facilities here. You can get education according to your wish. For this purpose you can find schools , colleges and universities. There are many also language Centres , technical colleges and computer institutions.

You can find a large number of private hospitals and clinics. They have the latest equipment and highly qualified staff.

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