A Long walk towards success

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It is no figure of speech to say that illiteracy is hanging like a sword of Democles on the head of our country. Illiteracy is the root cause of every problem and country remains trapped in a vicious circle of poverty. Illiteracy is poison, it pollutes the society. Illiteracy is the mother of measureless ills. Due to illiteracy one is trapped in darkness and ignorance.

              Literacy today needs involvement of the society as a whole but Alas! There is a great class difference in our country. On one hand, people are very poor and on the other hand people roll in luxuries. For the development we need collective actions. But it is harder to generate collective action to deliver education which is at core to the successful and that is where inequality fits in because it impedes our ability to act collectively. Today rich don’t need the benefits of collective actions because they can create their own “Sub-society”.

                 For the development of our country and society, first of all we need to vanish inequality. We have to work all together as one soul and this entails a lot of hard work and determination. We should not lose heart and try to do much better.

                We need to believe in our young people. As young people are the idealists. There is no other way Unless they are braindead. They naturally dream of a good society that is better inherited from their elders. We need to make education common. In our country where wheels of progress are cautions, yet there is another step in our long walk towards success.


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