A Model Shoot on a Saturday Afternoon

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This past Saturday while the rest of New York City was out enjoying the spectacular sunny afternoon at a beach or in Central Park, Alena Soboleva was in full work mode in our studio shooting Danielle and Marianne both from the Ford Modeling Agency. Alena put a great crew together to assist her including hair stylist Darren Bay, stylist Ana Roca, and makeup artist Pamela Sue. The photos are certain to be exquisite and a welcome addition to the models books.

We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to capture some some behind the scenes video of the models in action. Alena's direction along with both Danielle and Marianne's beauty and professionalism and the great looks from the stylists made our job quite easy. The problem is that we have so many amazing minutes to choose from, how do we cut it down to a minute or 2 max final product. This will not be easy but Alexey will get it done, he always does. So keep your eyes open for the video. Once the folks at Ford see the videos you will be next.

Models WebTV will be anxiously awaiting Alena's next project and the team that she will put together as its always a great environment with spectacular energy on the set.

These photos are from Alena's shoot with Ford Model Taylor Hannum.






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