A Quick go through on the status of woman in Islam and Western Civilization

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Although many scholars Muslims or Non- Muslims have been discussing and writing hundreds of articles about women, discussing different aspects of it through Islam, other religions and modern world, yet I think it wouldn’t be invain to write something about a topic which has been very critical issue for discussion all over the world and very recently in my beloved country Afghanistan. Woman has not only been a matter of today’s discussion, but it has been a big problem and a matter of focus of western scholars for centuries on how describe the status of women in the society.


To solve this problem, the western scholars have conducted many conferences and Seminars, but never have come to a final conclusion and rather than to describe the status of woman in the society, they have always tried to find ways to misuse the beauties of women for the sole benefit of men. For many years, they did not believe that women were human beings like men and if were, wether had a soul of human being or not. Even though the world appearantly progressed a lot, but the women issue has not been solved and still remained in the darkness of their thoughts. If the western scholars, have had a deep study of women status in Islamic taught, putting their prejudices aside, it has been clearly defined and solved many many years ago.


If we look very closely and deeply to the women’s status in the western society, we shall see very clearly that the western women are looking for ways to escape the very bad situation that they are currently in. The westerns people have always been made to be as an enemy of Islam having non sense criticisms on it; nowadays, women are are being used as a very dangerous weapon against Islam. It is very clear that they do not have the capacity to debate with Muslim Scholars wether face to face or through writing, so they continue to criticize Islam blindly, without having deep study and knowledge about the status of women in Islam.


So, in this very short jorney which is very difficult for me to end it safely, I shall try to study as much as possible and discuss it through ancient and modern western civilization along with throwing a short look into Islamic teachings about the women’s right as well. I shall try to discuss it comparatively, but as I mentioned above, I may not be able to do it in details and comprehensively.


My writings will be consisted of two parts which include five chapters. As mentioned, I may not be able to discuss all aspects of the status of women comprehensively, but shall try to mention the most important issues regarding women. There may be some narrated wrintings from the books studied which I shall specify them, putting them between the brakets and giving reference numbers for the footnotes descriptions, writing the names of the books taken from, authors names, and the page numbers. The rest will be my own opinions and limited knowledge. I hope it will be of a little use, if not much and appreciate any criticizes and apology for wasting the precious times of the readers.

I shall try to write two or a little more pages every time.

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