A rainy Day!

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A Rainy day


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I am here with another amazing blog which is a wonderful and interesting topic. I would like to tell you a little story about rain and a rainy day. I will also tell you some problems due to rain. I will also try to explain how to overcome these problems.

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What is rain?


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Rain is a great blessing of Allah. Rain occurs due to clouds in the sky. In those areas where weather becomes hotter, water converts in the cloud and these clouds keep on moving and in the area where the weather is a bit cold, clouds start raining.

Rain defined by Wikipedia:


Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the Earth. It provides suitable conditions for many types of ecosystems, as well as water for hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation.

Defined by Wikipedia.org


Rain is a great blessing and without it, it is difficult for crops to grow up. Rain is very important because it brings water and fulfills our water needs. Due to rain, we can generate crops easily. Here some major advantages of rain.

Water needs:

Rain brings water and thus fulfills our water needs. We can’t live a single day without water. Water is very important for our life and it cannot be gained without rain. In some areas of the world, people only depend on rain water and without rain they are helpless. So we can understand the water needs.

Water for plants:


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Water is very important for plants and trees. Without water, plants can’t grow up and trees also need it. So it is clear that without water, they can’t grow up. We can’t provide them water one by one so it is also the blessing of Allah who sends rain and plants grow up.

For dams:

Dams also need water for storage. Dams are used further for providing water needs in different areas which are located near it so that they can fulfill their requirements. Some dams also produce electricity after storing water and so it is very clear that rain is very important for these dams.

 For crops:

Rain is also important and necessary for crops which depend only on rain. These crops only grow up when the rain comes in time. Without rain, these crops are not produced. Although some areas are producing crops with dam’s water.

Cleaning the roads and rivers:

Rain cleans the road and rivers. It makes the road clear and ground also gets cleared with fast water of rain. So rain is very important for cleaning of muddy roads and dirty grounds.

These are few advantages of rain and now I will tell you some disadvantages of rain and problems due to rain.

Floods after the rain:

After a strong rain, some areas are affected and become unusable. Due to rain some roads are also affected and broken. This problem makes people in trouble and some people cannot reach on their duty in time. Floods also affect the crops and buildings.

For crops:

Crops are also affected by heavy rain. After a heavy rain water keeps on standing on the ground and it affects the crops and crops are destroyed. Crops need water but extra water makes them useless. Like in the picture below you can see our ground which has wheat but it is affected by rain and it will affect it.


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For buildings:

Water makes trouble for buildings and houses. Some areas are affected with this season of rains. Nowadays we are also observing it. When water keeps on standing on the ground of homes and buildings or on the top of buildings it destroys them. Buildings get scratches and holes due to water.

For plants and trees:


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Plants and trees are also affected by rain. When water keeps on standing it kills the plants and some trees fell down and affect on the roads and buildings. Trees are affected when water keep on standing on the ground. Water is, in fact, dangerous for the plants and trees when it is over than their needs.

Dams and rivers are affected:

Extra rain effects on the dams and rivers are flooded. Due to heavy rain sometimes dams are broken and water affects the buildings and houses which are located near them. Dams are used to store water for future needs but if dams are fulfilled with water then it becomes dangerous. Dams are opened sometimes to drain extra water but sometimes it becomes trouble due to heavy rains.


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Daily routine and jobs:


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Due to rain, sometimes daily routine of people and their jobs are affected; people cannot reach on duty in time and went into trouble. Heavy rains disturb the daily routine of people and create difficulties.


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These are few well-known problems affected due to rain and now let’s find out some helpful tips to keep in mind to avoid these difficulties and problems.

How to overcome problems due to rain?


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We can overcome some issues caused by rain. Here are few solutions which may be helpful for government and individuals.

Build Dams:

Dams help in storing water for future needs and help to stop floods and difficulties in the water. Dams are built in the way of rivers to store water. Dams must be built in those areas which are affected by flood due to rains. Dams will help a lot to stop floods and will also fulfill water needs of that area. Dams will give water to the crops and will provide electricity. So it is clear that with the creation of dams we can overcome the issues.


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Grow up Trees:

Trees not only help in getting rain but also help the ground to stop crashing due to rain. Trees are used to stop floods and water. So grow up more trees and so save the nature too.

A short video about rain is here below;

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End of blog.

So, friends, this is the end of my blog. I’m sure that my words will help you a lot in finding more about nature and rain. The rain is a great blessing of Allah but we should take care of our roads, buildings, and nature for getting more advantage of it. Thanks for reading my blog and understanding my words.

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