A Rare Love Story- That ended before it really started

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I talked to one of my friends about his restaurant affair that failed even before it started. My friend told me she did not say ‘no’, but she did not give any positive signal either.

My suggestion to my friend was straightforward, “If she doesn't enjoy your company and not ready for a relationship with you, move on. 


If she'd be interested in you, you’d be with her by now. Sounds like she is not into you so don’t waste your time".

My friend was still insisting that his heart always skipped a beat when he saw her enter alone and sitting on her regular table near him during lunch time.

He liked her sense of dress and he also admitted that her dark black eyes and ponytail captivated him. In fact he liked everything about her but there was no positive signal from her.


But what baffled him that it was different today as she did not even look at him, not even a casual glance. I told my friend that said it all and she was not interested in you.

But he would not give up yet. He said ‘clever words indeed but I think she would come back tomorrow and clarify things’.


So when one guy says he isn't ready for a relationship, he is a stupid or a contemptible person, but when a girl says she is not interested in a relationship, she is strong willed, independent and perfectly fine.


I am disappointed for my friend but he should understand it. By the way, he is still waiting for her.

Here is what reminds me for my friend!

I will be right here waiting for you - Richard Marx with lyrics


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