A reality check for all young people

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If only, there was a shortcut to becoming successful. but the reality of the world is that there isn't any, and I for one struggle to accept that reality every single day of my life. we as the young generation never look far in the future, we never think about our life ten years from in the future and us most certainly never ponder over the consequences of our actions.

we always just want to live in the moment, which is actually a good thing but one must keep the future in mind. perhaps, if only we realized that a couple of years of our youth will determine how we will exist throughout eternity, there would be no college dropouts, no ruined futures and maybe I would be an 'A' grade student. 

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My name is actually Abdullah, I wrote Grohl as a temporary nickname like David Grohl from Nirvana but thanks to the name changing policies of bitlanders I'm stuck with this name -_-
I'm a sportsman, have a thing for music, director of short films and currently a Cambridge student.

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