A sentence affix with Presidential candidate “ Dr. Abdullah Abdullah”

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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is one of the presidential candidates in Afghan Presidential Election 2014. He made allegations on his opponent Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and denied to accept the efforts of Election Commission of Afghanistan and result of Presidential Election 2014. Then a sentence “Gul Marjan Ye Na Mani” affixed with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah by the Afghan Community which is leaked to the World Community. Now, this sentence is famous all over the world and he who denies from doing or accepting something, the mention sentence is use for him. The word “Gul Marjan” refers to Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and the other fraction of this sentence “Ye Na Mani” means “is not accepting”. Now whole sentence means that “Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is not accepting” (The result of Afghan Presidential Election 2014).

A reader feels anxiety and disquiet to know about the real story behind this ongoing. So, a story behind is, there was a student in Paktia (province), Afghanistan whose name was “Gul Marjan”. He was very inapt in his studies in the university. He always failed in examinations. When the result announced by the teacher, he always denied and never accept the result and always used this sentence “Za ye na manam” means “I am not accepting”. Not only has he showed his reaction on the examination results but also on every issue which he used to dislike. This story became famous among his friends and circulates in university environment. In the university, he who denies something to do the above mentioned sentence “Gul Marjan ye na Mani” means “Gul Marjan is not accepting” was used for him. The name, “Gul Marjan” always referred to that person at the university environment, who denies or not accepting something. This was a short story behind this whole scenario.

Similarly, the same picture fits on Dr. Abdullah Abdullah after Presidential Election, which was held on 14th of June, 2014. As, Dr. Abdullah denies the electoral process and considered the election was based on fraud. The United Nation, Election Commission of Afghanistan condemned his allegations to be useless and invite him to be the part of electoral process, but Dr. Abdullah denied. Then, the above mentioned sentence emerged out form university environment to the whole Afghan Community and then leaked to the whole world through social media and networks. Now the people all over the world use that sentence in their daily life. They used to sing that sentence in their songs. 

"Gul Marjan ye na  Mani" is written in Pashto Alphabets in the Images. I have published a video in filmannex also in which foreigner local musician sang a song that "Gul Marjan Ye na Mani".

It is condemnable and shameful to use this type of sentence against a leader, but a leader should be a leader. A leader should respect the votes of people. A leader should respect the people who are the victim of wars since from last three decades. A leader should respect and give honor to the people who select a democratic way to select his leader to govern a country. A leader should respect those people who took risk of their lives in the war of terror affected areas on the Election Day. A leader should be respectable and give honor to martyrs who were the victim of terrorists on the Election Day. If a person does not respect the people, how the people will give honor to such person? As a quote “Do respect, have respect”. Now this story is uncontrollable and flourished all over the world.

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