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1. I'm Positive Forever. How do i know that?

No, i haven't had a perfect life. Actually, thanks to my childhood, i know how hell is (i've experienced it for 16 years, including beats and tortures from my own father). But, despite all these years of pain, i've discovered a wonderful documentary that made SO curious that made me read over 100 books of psychology and spirituality in less than 15 months. I've got this nickname "Positive Forever" from a girl, once, and i really enjoyed. Since then, many people approved that it's right for me. 

2. Am I an interesting person?

Though question. Well, Yes. I definitely am. If you're willing to learn and discover new thing from psychology and spirituality and anything about motivational and inspiration, you are where you need to be :-) Challenge me with the hardest questions and challenges. I can only help you. And if not (it rarely happens) i will do my best to learn how to do it. 



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My name is Alex, i'm 22 years young, from Romania.
People who are interested about psychology, spirituality, personal development, and everything else about motivational and inspirational stuff, let me know :-) We will have an interesting conversation.

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