A true relation between Boy & Girl is Most powerful relation of the Word

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Life is the name of beauty relationships and sorrows and worries. Man has many friends to whom he shares with his secrets. But there are some special relations also to whom a man involves emotionally and unforcefully. Relationship can be boy to boy or boy to girl or girl to girl.



But there is best relation in every man that is a relationship with a girl. Because a  girl can help in sexual satisfaction of the man and vice versa. In Western Countries this relation is very common even you can talk with any girl and she will give you a positive response. There are no social restrictions on boy to girl relationship.


But a girl should careful and have control over her emotions. She should be companion in the every moment of the life. She should behave like a true friend and not like selfish.



The relationship should be clear and should not base on lies. She supports you in worries and encourages you for your progress.  She should bring some gifts for you on the different events like your birthdays and Eid or valentine days etc.


But there are some responsibilities on boy also about his girl friend. A boy also equally careful about his girl friend and he should not misuse her. He should not make her feel that she is not his property. He should support to a girl friend for the good works not for the sins.


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