A Video Project with the Creators of ShoppingCartTechnologies.com ( A Revolution In Online Publishing )

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Yesterday I had the great opportunity to work with ShoppingCartTechnologies.com and Image Media Lab, to produce a video introducing SCT and a few members of their team, that built the technology which allows for a seamless shopping experience with online editorial images, including co-founders Mike Van Geldorp (below center) and Thomas Van Der Kallen (below right).  

Over the course of the last few years we have been exposed to many editorial productions in our studio, and beyond, through our contacts in the world of fashion photography. We have met brilliant online publishers who rely on strong images to back up the written word of their articles. A picture truly is worth a thousand words and is the first thing to draw the eye of the reader. The problem many of these artists and entrepreneurs have contended with on a daily basis is monetizing their photo editorial efforts, when it came to making these images shoppable.

ShoppingCartTechnologies, without getting much into the IT of it, has essentially revolutionized the world of online publishing, empowering the publisher, brand and I'd say most importantly the reader who the former want to turn into a consumer. SCT does this by creating and elegant shoppable image experience for the reader with real-time inventory updates (nothing out of stock), access to unlimited brands for the publisher to choose from, and a seamless point of purchase so the consumer can stay on the publishers page whether they buy one item from one brand, or ten items from ten different brands.

This in effect makes all parties happy. The brand has more opportunity for sales, the publisher has an increased revenue stream from sales from its more engaged reader, and the reader/consumer stays on the desired publishers web page with no skipping around to purchase items all over the internet. SCT does all the thinking and leg work to make for an enjoyable and seamless shopping experience.

So to summarize I'll leave you with the benefits that using SCT will provide to a publisher, brand and reader:

  • New Revenue Stream for publisher & brands (Yes $$ is needed to keep the lights on)
  • Instant gratification for the reader. Happy reader, more sales = Happy Publisher & Brand
  • No reader re-direction to make a purchase from the image = more minutes spent on the publishers domain
  • The publisher only presents shoppable editorial due to SCT technology that scours the brands inventory in near real time
  • SCT is a turnkey solution and hassle free for all involved
  • On the tech side, and as I never worked with them, but understand now that no need for API's to make all this happen is HUGE to not deal with

SCT launched May 14, 2014 to rave reviews. As the team left our offices last night we said the next time they stop by will be for their IPO. When that happens, we'll invite you the celebration.

Watch The Video:

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