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A good wife is the greatest and the most useful guide to man. She often succeeds in dragging out her husband form worries and misfortunes. A wife is the manager of the house, and as such, she is responsible for the economic position of the family. In fact, a man is made or marred by the good or evil influence of his wife.

The truth is that a husband’s success depends more upon his wife than her ever admits, if he has a good wife. And many a man fails completely because he married a pull-back. If a wife takes a keen interest in her husband’s business and encourages him to talk about it, this is a tremendous help to him. If he can talk out his troubles, they will not worry him so much. He will not brood over them.

A wife’s advice in almost any matter of business in valuable. Why? Because women are the money power of the world. They are the chief spenders. In nearly every problem of marketing, a woman’s opinion is more valuable than a man’s. A sales manager, for instance, can learn more from his wife than from any one else. Many time I have increased the sales of my firm by making it present its goods from the woman’s point of view. Then, there is the matter of the husband’s feelings and temperament.

His wife has more control on these than any one else. She can start him out right in the morning. Many a man remembers all day long, forbetter or worse, what his wife said to him at breakfast. The great thing is to keep him in money making humour. And no one can do this for a man as well as his wife can.

[004:034]  Men are (appointed) in charge (and the caretakers) of women _ (they are held responsible for maintaining the women physically, financially, and emotionally) _ because Allah has given the one precedence over the other. Also, because they spend their means (to support the women). Thus, the virtuous women are obedient. They guard the rights of their husbands in their absence _ (the right) that Allah has upheld. If you perceive defiance (and disloyalty) from your women, admonish them, (then) keep them apart from your bed, and (then, as a last resort) beat them. If they relent and obey, do not seek the means to harass them. Of course, Allah is the most High, the Greatest!

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I am Muhammad Haneef Khan I am Administration Officer in Pakistan Public School & College, K.T.S, Haripur.

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