A visit to Baghnazargah High School

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Baghnazargah High School is 5 kilometers away from downtown and it was funded in 1989. The school has over 4,000 students who are studying in two different shifts. In April 2012 Digital Citizen Fund built the first internet class for this school and it was the starting of women empowerment project in Afghanistan.

Last week I went to the school to observe the progress of our classes. Parvin Mohtasibzadeh the principle of the school is so happy and thankful of Digital Citizen Fund. She said that in that district of the city which is a bit far from downtown, the families are very restricted and  don’t let their girls go to private courses. She believe starting classes in Baghnazargah High School was a very good decision taken by Digital Citizen Fund and it will be very helpful for the students of that region.


The principle said “I am really happy for the students because this is what they wanted and now they achieved. We have a lot of students who are very interested in Computer and English and now the feeling of happiness I see in my students’ eyes makes me really amazed.” She continued “I am sure they will learn a lot of things from these classes and I hope in the future they be able to make some income from what they learn here and be helpful with their families since the people of this region are very poor.”

The students were all very happy with the new classes. Rasala Hamadi a 12th grade student expressed her feeling as following “I think I have been released from a prison, before I had exactly the feeling of a prisoner, because I wanted to go to courses and learn Computer and English but I was not allowed by my family. I really cannot find the proper word to appreciate the organizers of these classes.”

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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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