A Visit to the Seal Life Aquarium of Michigan

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During May I had to take a trip over to the Auburn Hills area of Michigan. Going from one end of the state to the other costed almost three hours, and so what was the point of just going to the appointment and coming back? My parents and I rented a hotel room for the weekend, and went to the Sea Life Aquarium to make this sort of like a vacation instead of something medical.animals


This Aquarium is the largest I can say that I have been to. It started with the freshwater, brackish, and finally saltwater environments. Yet each section still broke into it's own fragments. There was a deep sea section with giant isopods, which I have dreamed of seeing. The beginning contained a shallows or tide pool section with sea stars, urchins, and different invertebrates. Towards the end of the visit, we got to go through a full view tunnel shown above. 




One of the largest rooms contained an almost circular tank containing sharks, rays, schools of fish, and this eel. 




Probably my favorite section would have to be the jellyfish tank though. It may have just been moon jellies moving in an oval, but I love them. Perhaps one day I will be able to own some. 

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