A War Torn City Changed to a Heaven

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A City name which is familiar to all, famous for being a war torn City, a city of disappointment and full of pain, a city where all the voices were stopped and was drawn in the storm of violence and torture.

Yeah…it is Kabul, city of pain, Sorrow, Fights and Tears

It was the worst and darken era which was faced by the innocent people of Kabul and fortunately those days ended and the sun of prosperity rose in this land and made the ruined city a Heaven for its residents. It is quite interesting to know and learn about the development and improvements of the new Kabul City, now when you enter to the city and walk around you can’t believe once this city was ruined and nothing was left, you will be the witness of the beautiful views of the high buildings, green parks and fancy cars on the street as well the happiness and smiles on the faces of People around you, they are free and not scared of any thing around them. 

These days the city has better Security and People can go and visit many places with their Family and friends, they can go for picnics in the most beautiful picnic places like Qargha, Golbahar, and Paghman in many other places outside Kabul City.  This is a new Kabul, Women are free and can get Education as well work in any of the Organizations and the Government offices, and they are having the equal rights with men in the Society. Despite of these all the developments there are still challenges faced in the Society and Women but we are hopeful that step by step we can solve these all problems one day. 

For an instance of the development and progress of Women in Afghanistan we can name the Women activists in the Society like Roya Mahboob, who is the founder of Afghan Citadel and Women’s Annex, through which she is helping the women who are at home and are searching for job, through this Film Annex channel she has made an opportunity for them to support Women and make them earn their livelihood. The main aim of this Company and Project is to make the Students connect with the People around the World and be aware of the changes and challenges of the world as well build their talents and share their experiences Worldwide


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