A Wise Man Is A Man Who Knows He Is Fool

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A Wise Man Is A Man Who Knows He Is Fool

In this word of ours most men are fools. The fools in human society may be divided under two heads. First those who are really ignorant but always think that they know much and secondly, those who know much and yet think that they know little. The first group of fools may be described as a set of confirmed fools while the second groups of fools are, in reality philosophers in disguise.


In Pakistan at the present day, the fools of the first type are numerous. We often see on the political platform demagogue’s who-play upon the feelings of the people and mislead them. They think that they understand the deeper political problems of the country in their international contest. But the case is just the reverse. They freely make use of cheap rhetoric and other ordinary devices for capturing the mob-mind.


In recent times, here has been no doubt great industrial development in the country. But it is a painful fact that most of the industries are not run on strictly scientific lines. The managers of these concerns do not know how to apply the latest advance methods of science to industry. They are the distinctive fools who believe that they be acquainted with a great deal but, in realism, they be acquainted with little and are fooled to the peak of their twisted.


Self-dishonesty is the most of fraud. up to date psychology the psychology of scam-teaches us that in the subliminal life of man there are a variety of forces which manage and lead his waking existence: these undisclosed power of the subliminal brain misinform and betray man in dissimilar spheres of existence. A man who says that he does not like flattery often really likes it as Julius Caesar did in Shakespeare’s play. There are a lot of people who having saved various money at the end of their job, want to provide it in business and, in result, drop their cash and assemble with frustration. Lastly, it is a common place occurrence that many student in Pakistan take up subjects for which they have no aptitude and meet with failure at the examination.